Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination - Chiba, Japan

Country Farm Tokyo German Village is one of attractions for winter Illumination. Farm is located at Chiba. Tokyo German Village in Japanese is Tokyo Doitsu Mura (東京ドイツ村). In fact, I planned to visit this farm this year but I missed the bus from Chiba Station so I must change my plan . Anyway, I already prepared some relevant information i.e. bus timetable, map so I update the information and share it. Hope this is useful for you. The website has information only in Japanese. I translated from Japanese to English. If there is any mistake, please let me know.

Photo from Tokyo German Village Website

Opening Hours: 09:30-20:00 (Last admission 19:30)

Admission Fee (Illumination)

1 passenger car (up to a maximum number of passengers): 2000 yen
Walk (4 years of age or older.): 500 yen / person

1 November 2016 - 31 March 2017

1 November 2016〜     Light time starts 17:00
16 January 2017〜       Light time starts 17:30
26 February 2017〜     Light time starts 18:00


1. From Tokyo station to Tokyo German Village

   1.1 Tokyo Station, JR Sobu Line Rapid / JR Keiyo Line Rapid / to Soga Station. Change to JR Uchibo Line. Total 70-80 minutes, 1,140 yen.
   1.2 Take Shuttle bus to Tokyo German Village.

JR Uchibo Line Sodegaura Station - Tokyo German Village Illumination Shuttle Bus

2. From Chiba Station

 2.1 By Bus From JR Chiba Station (Bus Stop no. 21) 
Capina Express bus  (カピーナ号) Awa - Kamogawa
Fare: 930 yen
Get off: Tokyo German Village bus stop (Tokyo Doitsu Mura / 東京ドイツ村)

To JR Chiba Station
Get on: Hiraoka Komae bus stop during 18:43 - 21:18
Get on: Tokyo German Village before 18:43


   2.2 By Train and Shuttle Bus
         JR Chiba Station, JR Uchibo Line to JR Sodegaura Station (35 mins, 500 yen)
         Bus from Sodegaura Station, please see above timetable.

For more information, please visit Tokyo German Village Website.

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