Makuhari Messe, Mitsui Outlet - Chiba, Japan

Makuhari is a commercial district in Chiba, Japan. This district has the large exhibition and shopping center. Makuhari Messe is a large convention center. Many big events are held here such as Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo Motor Show, Big Concert.Event Schedule is on website. Coin Lockers, Fax and Copy Service are available at Makuhari Messe. Coin Lockers charge depends on luggage size, starts from 300-700 yen. If you does not visit the exhibition, you can also go shopping around this area. 


Kaihin-makuhari station, South exit.

From Narita Airport 
- Limousine bus (Keisei Bus) Makuhari Messe Chuo 
  40 minutes, 900 yen (adult), 450 yen (child)
 Timetable is on website

From Haneda Airport
 - Limousine bus to Makuhari Messe Chuo (40 minutes)
  60 minutes, 1150 yen (adult), 580 yen (child)
  Timetable is on website

From Tokyo Station to JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station
 - JR Keiyo Line Local  for KAIHIMMAKUHARI (36-39 minutes, 550 yen)
 - JR Keiyo Line Rapid  for SOGA (31 minutes, 550 yen)

From Chiba Station
  1. Chiba Urban Monorail No.1  for CHIBAMINATO to Chiba Minato Station (5 minutes, 200 yen). Take JR Keiyo Line Rapid for TOKYO to JR Kaihim-Makuhari Station (8 minutes, 170 yen). Total 370 yen.

  2. JR Togane Line  for NARUTO to Soga Station (6 minutes). Take JR Keiyo Line Rapid  for TOKYO to JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station (12 minutes).
Fare is 320 yen.

*Monorail Tickets: 
    1. Holiday Free Pass: Adult 620 yen, Child 310 yen  
        Available: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

   2. Lunchtime Free Pass
       Available: From 10AM on weekdays.
      Cost: Adults 620 yen, children 310 yen
       Valid: From 10:00 to 18:00 on day purchased

You can take the bus or walk from JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station to Makuhari Messe. Actually the exhibition halls are not far from station. There are skywalk from hall no.9-10 connect with the department store which is near train station. If you visit Makuhari Messe during the exhibition, some events provide free shuttle bus. Although Makuhari Messe has coin lockers service, during the big event they may be full. 

The below photo is in front of Hall no.10 of Makuhari Messe. There are 10 halls (if I'm right). Normally, photography within exhibition is prohibited. There are restaurants but during the events the seats are full. Anyway, there are take away food i.e. bento and drinking vending machine. You can buy food and beverages and find seats in front of the hall. It is convenient.

In case of not visiting Makuhari Mess, there are shopping places nearby which are Plena Makuhari Mall and Mitsui Outlet. They are located near Kaihin Makuhari Station. There is 100 yen shop around this area but I could not remember exactly which building is.

Plena Makuhari Mall Opening Hours:
Store: 10:00-20:00
Restaurant: 11:00-22:00 

Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari

Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari has same concept with other branches of Mitsui Outlet (tax-free shops). Show your passport to get 8% tax exemption when you purchase consumable goods between 5,000 yen - 500,000 yen (excluding tax) or general items 5,000 yen or more. This branch is not the big outlet. 

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