Bangkok Planetarium - Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Planetarium is located on Sukhumvit Road, near skytrain station. It is reopened after renovation in early of 2016. There are three science center buildings. The admission for Bangkok Planetarium and Science Center Building are separated. The audio in Bangkok Planetarium is in Thai except the show on Tuesday morning. In the dome planetarium, we can enjoy 360 degrees visual. The exhibition of science center provide the explanations both in Thai and English.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday 09:00-16:30
Closed: Monday and public holidays


BTS Ekkamai Station, Exit no.2

Admission Fee

Buy ticket at the counter at Bangkok Planetarium on the day.

Bangkok Planetarium 
Thai language:       Child 20 Baht, Adult 30 Baht
English language:  Child 30 Baht, Adult 50 Baht

Science Center Building Exhibition 
Thai language:       Child 20 Baht, Adult 30 Baht
Child age below 3 years and Senior age 60 or more: Free admission.

Show Timetable
Tue-Fri   10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00
Sat-Sun  10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00

*Tuesday 10:00 a.m. is English show.
Mostly 10:00 a.m. 13:00 are for schools. 

After the renovation, there are many visitors in planetarium. When you arrive there, it would be better to buy the planetarium ticket first before visit the Science center building. The tickets are sold out quickly. I visited there with my family to recall our childhood memories.
When I was student, there was field trip but it was long time ago.

I planned to buy ticket at 14:00 but I arrived there around 13:45 but the tickets were sold out so I bought 15:00 ticket instead. I visited Science Center first while waiting for the show of planetarium.

The first building has 3 floors. The toilets are available on 2nd floor. Men and woman toilets are in different corners. The displays have many zones. I like the display on 1st floor the most. Some areas are under renovated. On the 3rd floor is the display of The Secret of Life and The Solar System.

You can join activities in some area. Children seems like Anti-Drug Exhibition on the 1st floor because they can play games and has attractive display.

The Underwater Life Zone provides the information about fishes and other animals. The display in this zone is not big but children can enjoy see various kind of fishes.

Please arrive at the Planetarium dome at least 15 minutes before the show.
There are 280 seats at each round and show takes 50 minutes.
We need to queue up before enter the hall. In the dome, you can see alphabets near the doors such as NS, WE which means the direction. I recommend the seats at the last row and near the counter where are suitable for watching the show. In September has "Experience The Aurora" special show. The special show always changes. Can check on facebook.  

The show at the beginning are the same at each month. They explain constellations. 
I like special show about aurora which is rare to see it. After got out from the hall, saw the display around the dome. 

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