Vasa Museum - Stockholm, Sweden

Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet) is worth to visit when you are in Stockholm. Vasa ship sank in Stockholm for more 300 years. I surprised when I saw the ship because the ship was huge and it was hard to take photo this whole ship in one frame. In the past although did not have high technology, they could build this beautiful and unique ship. 



From Karlaplan station. Walk approximate 10-15 minutes.

*Map from Google Map


From the city centre, Hamngatan/ Kungsträdgården, take tram number 7 towards Waldemarsudde.


Bus 67 to bus stop Nordiska museet/Vasamuseet.
Bus 69 and 76 to bus stop Djurgårdsbron.

I chose to take the bus from Central station because the bus stop was not far from Vasa Museum and can see the view in the city. Taking the bus is also covered by Stockholm Travel Card. Please see details of travel card here

The bus arrived once I went to bus stop so I did not take photo of the bus stop at Central Station so I use photo from google map instead. If you take the bus at different side, you will go to the wrong direction. 

1. In case of standing in front of Central Station and see Cityterminale Station at opposite side, turn right.

2. In case of standing in front of Cityterminalen Station / World Trade Center Building and Central Station at opposite side, turn left.

Go straight (1-2 minutes walk) until see the first bus stop at the right side and see Radisson Blu Hotel at the opposite side. Take the bus from Centralen (Klarabergsviad.) stop to Djurgårdsbron stop.

Photo from Google Map

There is ticket vending machine and electronic board indicates the waiting time at the bus stop.

From the bus stop, cross the bridge. Go straight.
Vasa Museum is next to Nordiska Museet.

We bought the ticket and joined the tour at 14:00 but I thought that tour guide was not interesting so I separate from the group and walked around by myself.
The tour is not compulsory. There are explanation at each spot in different languages. 

Daily Guide Tour: You can check timetable of guide tour in Vasa Museum from here
No need to pay additional charge for this tour. Just buy the ticket and join the tour at specific time.

Audio Guide is available in various languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian and etc. Can download and upload to your mp3 player. Download at this Website

Opening Hours
1 June - 31 August:        Daily 8.30-18:00

1 September - 31 May:   Daily 10:00-17:00 (Wednesdays 10:00-20:00)

New Years Eve open 10:00-15:00

The museum is closed: 1 January and 23-25 December

Admission Fees

Adults: 130 SEK
Wednesdays (1 Sep-31 May) at 17.00-20.00: 100 SEK
Students: 100 SEK (with valid student ID showing expiry date)
Children and young people 0-18 years: free of charge

Payment can be made in cash or credit cards. 
Purchase ticket at the counter only, online is not available.
There is free wi-fi.

A woman (a tourist) asked me to take photo for her but she said that photo was always in orange tone and could not see the background. Photo taking in Vasa Museum should not use the flash because the background is getting dark. I used auto mode (easiest and fastest). 

Vasa Museum has 7 floors (cannot remember exactly number). Elevators are available.
Toilets are located in the entrance hall, by the Information Desk on the ground floor, on the third floor and in the restaurant.

Each side of ship. I took elevator to the 7th floor first to take the photo the top of ship and walked down to downstairs. This museum gathers many information in each period and also has display of personal items which found on this ship.

While I was taking photo of the ship, there were other interesting things at each floor.

Exhibitions Zone - It is located near the exit gate. There is souvenir shops near exhibition zone.

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