Osaka Castle (Osakajo) - Osaka, Japan

Osaka Castle  (大阪城, Ōsakajō) is one of sightseeing spot in Osaka, Japan. Around castle is also popular for Hanami (Sakura / Cherry Blossom Viewing). Normally, Hanami in Osaka is around end March to early April of each year. There are Osaka Castle Park which is hugh park and has sport facilities. Event i.e. Thai Festival (in May) is also held at Osaka Castle Park. 


Subway: Tanimachi 4-chrome Station (Tanimachi Subway Line and Chuo Subway Line), exit 1-B.

Subway: Osaka Business Park (Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi line), exit 3-B
Morinomiya Station exit 1 and 3B
JR: Osakajokoen Station (JR Loop Line)

Osaka Castle is not far from Osaka Museum of History. The Green Area is park.

Map from Google Map

Opening Hours (Osaka Castle)

Opens:  09:00 -17:00 (entrance until 16:30)
Extended hours during various holidays and special exhibitions
Closed: December 28 to January 1
Admission Fee: 600 yen
(Osaka Amazing Pass includes Osaka Castle Museum admission) 

Here is Map of Osaka Castle (Click for larger)

Map from Osaka Castle website

I went to Osaka Castle Park twice (April and May). In April during Hanami festival had many cherry blossom in the park and many people joined this event. Here was photo of Hanami in early April. The weather was good, not too cold.

On the way to Castle.

I walked from Osaka Business Park Station to castle. The distance was 1 km. approximately (In my opinion, this is the closest way). When got off at subway station, the park was in front of me. I did not enter to Castle, just walked around the park. 

This photo was taken in May during Thai Festival. It was sunny. The weather was hot on that day. I forgot to take umbrella, by the way I had a hat. The weather in April and May were different.  

These are some photo of Thai Festival in Osaka. Normally each year Thai Festival is held at Tokyo and Osaka but starts from Tokyo first.

Tuktuk Thailand

Thai food stalls.

There are limited seats provided so I bought food and found the seats at the park instead.
Apart of Thai food, there are shows on stage such as Muay Thai, T-pop concert. There were handmade product, Thai products and Thai trade center booths and etc.

If you visit Osaka Castle in May, should not miss this event. When I saw many Japanese visited Thai Festival, I realized that Thai food and culture were also popular in Japan.


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