Gamla Stan (Old Town) - Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan (Old Town) is located in downtown of Stockholm. It is one of popular sightseeing places. There are beautiful buildings and attraction around this area.
I visited Gamla Stan on the first day of the trip. There is free walking tour. The meeting point is in front of Gamla Stan station. If you are interested in this tour, you can join without reservation. The free tour work on a tip-only basis. For more information, please visit the website

The easiest way to arrive Gamla Stan is Gamla Stan T-bana station (metro). It is only one station from T-Centralen station. I bought 72 hours travelcard which include metro and bus fare so no need to check the fare when boarding the metro on the bus.

First of all, Gamla Stan has many stores, including souvenir shops. Shops open around 10:00 a.m. Shops in this area are cute, also sell the cute, design products. Price at each shop are different. Convenience stores, restaurants and supermarket are also available in Gamla Stan.

Gamla Stan has many attractions and many junctions in this area so it is easy to get lost. Please follow this below map. Don't forget to remember the direction to metro station.
I just looked around this old town, did not buy the ticket to enter the museum. 

*Map from google map

Riddarhuset (The House of Nobility)

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11.00-12.00
Admission fee: 60 SEK adults/40 SEK students and retired citizens

Holders of My Stockholm Pass/Stockholmskortet: Free admission

For more information, please visit website

Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace)

Opening hours

1 July–31 August: Daily 08:30–17:00**
1 September–14 September: Daily 10:00–17:00*
15 September–13 May: Tuesday–Sunday 10:00–16:00*
14 May–30 June: Daily 10:00–17:00* 

Due to His Majesty The King's official receptions the Royal Apartments will be closed partly or fully the period 28 April–31 May.

Entrance Fee
Adults: 160 SEK 
Children 7–17 years old and students SEK 80

Free entrance for children under 7 years of age in the company of a guardian.

Can buy ticket at the entrance or on website. There are many entrances to palace. 
I did not enter to the palace, just take photo around the palace. There is changing of the guards at 12:00 p.m. Should at least arrive here 15 minutes before noon. 
For more information, please visit Royal Palace website.

Nobel Museum

Nobel Museum is located between Storkyran and Stortorget. There are many people around this area. 


It is public square in Gamla Stan. Houses around this area are colorful. Don't forget to take some photo. Riksdagshuset (Parliament House)

Storkyrkan (The Great Church)

There are other attractions in Gamla Stan. I spent 2 hours here. I enjoyed see this beautiful old town. The highlight one is to see changing of guards at Royal Palace. If you would like to avoid many tourists, come here early in the morning. I went there around 10:30 a.m. and on the way I went back to metro station, I saw tourists groups. 

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