Den Den Town (Akihabara of Osaka) - Osaka, Japan

Den Den Town is similar to Akihabara in Tokyo but this is located in Osaka, Nipponbashi area where is shopping district. It is popular for electronic products and manga & anime, toys lovers. In my opinion, Akihabara is more fashion and larger than Den Den Town but the price of goods are not bad. Moreover, if you would like to look for the old items such old anime, music, can be founded in Den Den Town. There are many small shops, including electronic stores. 

Shops Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00


Ebisucho Station, Exit North 1B (Subway Sakaisuji Line), walk 2 minutes.
Nippombashi Station, Exit no.5 (Kintetsu Line and Subway Sakaisuji Line, Sennichimae Line), walk 5 minutes.

*Map from Osaka Prefectural Government

Normally, this street is not crowded except there are events or festival such as Nipponbashi Street Festa which is held on March every year. It is popular event for this street. There are cosplayers, live music, parade and etc. For more information, website 

This signs make sure that you are now in Den Den Town.

There are many shops along both side of street. It seems that Den Den Town is Otaku's paradise. If you are anime & game lover, should not miss here when visit Osaka. I recommend to visit here by subway and get off at Ebisucho station (subway), it is closest. If you come from Namba, the exit gate is exit no.5. 

In this area, does not sell only the first hand product but also second hand products. How can we know it is the second hand product? If you see the sticker with this word "中古" , it means the second hand's or some products have not this kind of sticker. For example, figure (please see the above photo) may not in the box like this but in the plain plastic bag, this means not the new one or you can observe that it is very cheap price.   

Den Den Town does not have only anime & manga items, there are electronic stores, tax free shops, maid cafe, book stores, CD & DVD shops 

From Ebisucho station, if you walk along this street and see express way, keep walking a little bit and you will see Tsutenkaku Tower. This means that area is Shinsekai.

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