Travel in Stockholm (Part 2) - Sweden

Refer to Part 1, this article, I will continue writing for the 2nd part. 

Hop on Hop Off Sightseeing Tours

The red or green bus and boat take you to the sightseeing spots in Stockholm such as Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, City Hall. Some sightseeing tour is by bus or boat only while some is the combination by bus and boat. Hop on Hop Off bus helps you getting around Stockholm. You can get on and get off the bus as much as you like within specific period such as 24 hours, 72 hours. There is free wifi on the bus. Some routes are available only during summer (May-Sep). The price includes audio guide in many languages. 

   Where can buy the ticket? 
   Can buy at the ticket counter when arrive boat or bus. Online purchasing is also available as below links:

    Red Sightseeing - Link  (Book online, get 10% discount)
    Strömma  - Link
     Viator - Link

 After purchase the ticket online, print the voucher and show to the staff before boarding.


Rent a bike is an interesting activity. There are bike lanes so it is easy for tourist to travel to the sightseeing spots. Click for more detail. Bike tours are also available.

Stockholm Pass

Stockholm Pass includes free entry to many sightseeing places in Stockholm such as The Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, Nobel Museum and etc., free bus tour and boat tours.
There are Stockholm Pass and Stockholm Pass + Travelcard. Stockholm Pass only will not include travel fare by public transportation. Here is the ticket price. I give example of adult fare.

   Stockholm Pass
   1 Day Pass: SEK 595
   2 Days Pass: SEK 795
   3 Days Pass: SEK 995
   5 Days Pass: SEK 1295

   Stock Pass + Travel Card
   1 Day Pass: SEK 710
   2 Days Pass: SEK 1025
   3 Days Pass: SEK 1225
   5 Days Pass: SEK 1755

Stockholm Pass is one choice. For me, I did not enter to many museum so I just bought travelcard (72 hours) and paid extra for museum fee.


Average 100-150 SEK per meal (Standard restaurant).
Burger at McDonald's starts from 12 SEK. French Fries 10 SEK. Coca-Cola 18 SEK.


The voltage is 230v.

Shops and Museums Opening Hours

Normally, museums and department stores are open 10:00 but the closing time are different. Some museums especially in winter, they close early.

Free tours Stockholm

It is free walking tour in Stockholm and offer tour in English language. There are free tour city and old town. Free city tour starts at 10:00 and old town tour starts at 13:00. Guides work based on tips only or “pay-what-you-want”. For more information, click here.

Plastic Bags

Supermarkets charge for plastic bag


There are free wifi spots such as Airport, Visitor Center, McDonald's

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