Travel in Stockholm (Part 1) - Sweden

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Sweden is in Nordic countries. It takes about 10.50 hr. from Bangkok, Thailand to Stockholm, Sweden. It was direct flight to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Before I departed to Stockholm, I tried to search for the information but there were so many details and many things looked new for me as it was the first time for travelling in Scandinavia. I will try to write in detail as much as I could in my blog. This is the first article I write about Stockholm so let's start with overview.

SEK (Swedish Krona)
Most of people use credit card and in the future Sweden may become cashless society.
If you use credit card, you must have PIN code.

Official Language is Swedish. People can also speak English well.

Tap water is clean. Drinking water at supermarket or convenience stores is expensive. If you have bottle, it is cost saving. 

Public Transportation
Bus, trains, trams, ferry.

Trains especially metro seems to be more convenient than others. The tickets price are based on zone which are Zone A,B and C. Zone A covers travelling in Stockholm. There are travel card and zone tickets. Travel card does not related to the zone system, also include metro, bus, and tram fare.

There are 24 hours, 72 hours, 7 days ticket for travel card.

24 hours: SEK115 (full price); SEK 70 (reduced price)
72 hours: SEK 230(full price); SEK 140 (reduced price)
7 days*: SEK300 (full price); SEK180 (reduced price)

The reduced price is for persons under the age of 20, or over the age of 65.

* Only available with an SL Access card. If you don't have an SL Access smart card already, there will be an extra 20 SEK fee for the card itself. You can re-use an SL Access card that you have obtained at a previous visit. The 24 hour and 72 hour travelcards are valid for the chosen number of hours from the time of first use. Travelcards are transferable and can be used by several travellers, but only one at a time. Check more detail on SL website.

Check timetable and fare of zone tickets, here  

This is my 72 hours travelcard. I bought the ticket at Central Station (cannot buy at the airport) where has SL Center logo.

Go to SL center, press the button to receive queue card and wait. When purchase ticket by credit card, insert the credit card and enter your PIN code.

How to use it? Place your travel card on card reader on the right side and door will be open. When get off the exit gate, no need to place travel card on card reader again. The door will be open automatically. There are staff at some stations who check the ticket before get off the station. I recommend to buy the travelcard as it is easier to use and don't worry about the fare.

Map from SL Website


Travel card can use with bus as well. How to use it? it is the same method as getting on the train. Can check timetable and route on the website. If you don't buy travelcard, you can buy the ticket at machine at bus stop as below photo. Please make sure that you take the bus at the right side. On the board shows the bus number, place and arrival time.


Public toilets are not much available as in Asia. There are few places where can use toilet for free such as at the museum, some restaurants. Mostly toilets do not separate for men and women. You have to pay 5-10 SEK for public toilets. For example, at McDonald, pay 5 SEK / time. You should have small coins all the time. 

Part 2, coming soon

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