Travel between Sapporo and Furano - Hokkaido

Furano is popular sightseeing place in Hokkaido especially in summer. Both train and bus can access to Furano from Sapporo. If you buy JR Pass, don't forget to reserve seat for the train because many tourists visit Furano and Biei during that time. 

Furano Lavender Express

It is express train and takes 2 hours approximately from Sapporo to Furano.
Fare:  Unreserved Seat - 4,290 Yen, Reserved Seat - 4,810 Yen
It is included in JR Pass.


Local Train

There are few express train run directly from Sapporo to Furano. If you miss the express train so these are alternatives but takes more time. Limited Express Super Kamui is included in JR Pass.

1. Take limited express Super Kamui train from JR Sapporo Station to Takikawa (52 minutes) and transfer to JR Nemuro line to Furano Station (70 minutes). Unreserved seat fare for Super Kamui is 3,620 yen and reserved seat fare is 4,140 yen. 

2. Take limited express Super Kamui train from JR Sapporo Station to Asahikawa Station (85 minutes) and transfer to Furano line to Furano Station (67 minutes). Unreserved seat fare for Super Kamui is 5,470 yen and reserved seat fare is 5,990 yen. 

Chuo Bus

Chuo Bus takes 2 hours 28 minutes. Takes more time than taking the train but cost is cheaper.

Sapporo Station Terminal Bus Stop

Furano Bus Stop

Adult Fare: 2,260 yen (one trip), 4,150 yen (roundtrip)

Chuo Bus also has sightseeing tour bus to Furano / Biei, starts and end at Sapporo Station.
It is one day tour. Tour is available during specific period. Tour starts at 08:40 and end at 19:10. Price for adult is 7,200 yen and child is 4,800 yen. This price includes lunch.
For more information, please visit the website.

From Furano Station to Tomita Farm (Lavender Farm)

Take Norroko Train to Lavender Farm Station. Walk 5 minutes to Farm.

If you miss Norokko Train, JR Nakafurano station is the closest station (one stop from JR Furano Station) but in fact it is not much close to Farm Tomita. It takes 25 minutes walk from train station or 5 minutes by a taxi (770 yen approximately). 

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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for this helpful post. I was just wondering if there is an express direct bus from Furano to New Chitose Airport (CTS)?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Andy! Hokkaido Resort Liner runs from New Chitose Airport to Furano but not from Furano to New Chitose Airport. The bus runs between December - April only.

  2. hi, how do i book the chuo bus from sapporo to furano? or is there any direct bus from new chitose airport to furano in July?

    1. Hi! You can buy the ticket at ticket counter.
      There is no direct bus between New Chitose Airport and Furano in July.

  3. Hello! Thank you for this post. Is the ticket counter for the Chuo bus from Sapporo to Furano inside the Sapporo ESTA building?