Furano and Biei 2016 - Hokkaido, Japan

The train and twinkle bus 2016 to Furano & Biei timetable are available now. 
Please check on JR Hokkaido website. I already reviewed my trip of year 2015 but the timetables change every year. I will not go into deep detail about the route and timetable of this year (2016) as you check them on the website so I will mention the differences between last year and this year train & bus route, also provide the detail of additional transportation apart from Twinkle bus and Norokko train.

The detail of train timetable and Furano & Biei tour 2017 are available, please click here.

Norokko Train

     In year 2015, Norroko Train had only 4 trains run between Furano and Asahikawa but this year has 6 trains. Norokko Train runs only for specific period. 

Twinkle Bus

Last year Twinkle bus were available for Furano, Biei and Asahikawa. This year Twinkle bus is available for Biei only. There are 3 courses which are Panorama Morning, Patchwork and Panorama Afternoon course. Itinerary of Patchwork course is similar to Twinkle Bus Biei of year 2015. Price remains stable. Fare is 1,500 yen for adult and 750 yen for child. Last year mostly can see view from the bus and had only 1 stop which was Takushinkan. Year 2016 program provide view from the bus and has 2-3 stops so you can take time for taking photo.
Moreover, you can fill up the application in advance for buying ticket. On the website provides the form and sample.

Kururu Bus

Available period: 2 July - 21 August 2016.
Ticket is available at Tourism Information Center next to JR Furano Station or on Kururu Bus
The bus runs in Furano, starts from JR Furano Station. You can get on and get off at much as you like. The route of Kururu Bus and Biei Gurutto are different. Kururu bus also pass Farm Tomita.
Kururu-Go Pass: 1 Day Pass (1,200 yen for adult and Child 1,000 yen)
                            2 Day Pass (1,500 yen for adult and Child 1,200 yen)
Timetable is on website.  

Furano Lavender Express 

There are 4 trains runs between Sapporo and Furano. It takes 2 hours approximately.

What's new in 2016

Biei Gurutto Pass

It is one day ticket which offer Patchwork course and Panorama course.
Each course costs 1,500 for adult and 500 yen for child.
If you buy the ticket includes for two course is 2,500 yen for adult and 1,000 yen for child.
It is a local bus so can get off the stop that you like.

1 Day Trip Bus 

There are 3 courses: Furano, Furano/Biei, Biei/Furano. 
The route 2 courses of 1 day trip are similar but one start from JR Furano station and another one start from JR Biei station.

Rental Car

Need to make a reservation in advance at least 1 day. If you purchase Furano Biei Rail Ticket, pay for additional cost but the price is high during July and August. It is convenient if you come with your family or friends group.

Furano Biei Rail Ticket (4 days) 

The ticket costs 6,500 yen for adult. This ticket is valid between Sapporo to Furano & Biei.

Lavender One Day Ticket

This ticket costs 2,500 yen for adult, depart from Asahikawa station to Biei and Furano for 1 day trip.
This year provides many options for sightseeing in Biei and Furano, it is more convenient than previous year. Anyway, although you can buy some ticket in front of the train station on the day, please try to buy ticket and reserve the seats for the bus or train in advance because there are many tourists visit there in summer.  Hope you enjoy the trip!

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