Naritansan Shinshoji Temple - Chiba, Japan

If you visit Tokyo, should not miss to visit Naritansan Shinshoji Temple which is a large Buddhist Temple and not far from Narita Airport. Naritansan Shinshoji Temple is also in airport transit program, popular sightseeing spot for cherry blossom and autumn leaves viewing. There is shopping street near the temple "Omotesando"


JR Narita Station / Keisei Narita Station
Walk 15-20 minutes from train station
(Some hotels near Narita Airport provide free shuttle bus to JR Narita station)

Opening Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

This is the main gate (Somon). Toilet is near the main gate. There are other entrances like Omotesando. 

After walk passed the main gate, saw Niomon gate with large lantern was at the front. Traditional shops were on the right side. I walked inside first and then back to see the shops. I visited here around 9 a.m., was not crowded, enjoy scenery and good weather. Group tours came around 10 a.m.  

Around the temple was beautiful and tranquil. Passed Niomon gate, Great Main hall was in front of me. The traditional events are held in front of main hall area. The major events are such as Setsubun-e, Drum Festival, Gion-e.

On the right side of main hall was Three-story Pagoda. 

Let's see around temple area such as Main Hall.

On the right side of mall had the entrance of Naritasan Park which is the large park.
There are seasonal flowers too. I saw plum blossoms (if I'm correct because it was March). It was beautiful. 

After went to the park, I went back to Somon Gate again to do some shopping. One shop sold Taiyuki (Japanese fish-shaped cake). The filing was red bean so I bought one. Some shops have other filing. I used to eat chocolate filing in Osaka and it was nice. The shops between Somon Gate and Niomon Gate sold souvenirs. Price was reasonable. If you would like to continue some shopping, please visit Omotesando which is near the temple.

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