Mon Jam (Mon Cham), Mae Rim - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mon Jam (ม่อนแจ่ม) is popular natural tourist attraction in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The visitor can see the great view from top of the mountain. Here is one of my favourite sightseeing spots in Chiang Mai. I visited Mon Jam in early September. The weather was not hot at all.


It takes about 45-60 minutes from the Chiang Mai city. You can drive to Mon Jam or take the red car. I recommend to rent the car with the chauffeur is better. Road to Mon Jam is hard to drive.

While I was walking to the top of mountain, I saw many shops sell various products like fruit, clothes, bags. The price was not expensive. You can enjoy the shopping once go back from the top.

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On the way to Mon Jam, there are other interesting sightseeing places.

Eden Grape Garden: It is not the big grape garden. The visitor can buy the fresh grape and other product from grape too. Unfortunately, on that time I visited, the staff already picked up the grapes. This place does not sells only the fruit but also offer the accommodation and restaurants.  

The right photo is the strawberry garden. Anyway, please check the fruit season before visiting the garden. Eden Garden also has the shops sell their products which made from grapes such as vin, juice, jam. Fresh grape juice is only 20 baht per bottle.

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