Japan Travel Tips (Part 2)

Refer to the Part 1 of Japan Travel Tips, I will continue writing Part 2 in this article.

8. Convenience Stores: 
    8.1 There are many convenience stores in Japan such as 7-11 shops, Family Mart, Lawson and etc. Convenience stores do not sell only the foods, cosmetic, magazines, other daily goods but also provide services such as ticket reservation, copy service, delivery service, ATM. 
   8.2 Ask staff to heat up the food "Atatamete kudasai"

9. Supermarket 
     9.1 Supermarket at department stores is often located on basement floor.
     9.2 Sometimes plastic bag is not free (starts from 2 yen each).  
     9.3 There are discount for fresh food in the evening.

10. 100 Yen Shops

    10.1 There are many 100 shops in Japan such as Daiso, Seria, Can Do.
    10.2 Sells many kind of things, including drinking water, snacks, bread.
    10.3 Not every items are 100 yen. Some items are 200 yen, 400 yen.
    10.4 Price 100 yen still not include vat 8%. Price that need to pay is 108 yen each.

11. The weather forecast in Japan is quite accurate.
      Click here for weather forecast or can watch on TV in the morning or evening.

12. Price: Sometimes the shops show price exclude and include the tax 8% 
      If the text has 税込 (Zeikomi), means price include tax.

13. Waste segregation (Waste Separation) is a must. The garbage is mainly separated into burnable and non-burnable.  

14. Tipping is not necessary.

15. Golden week is long holiday (end April - early May). Transportation is very crowded.

16. Don't pick the sakura (cherry blossom) petal.

17. IC Cards: There are several IC Cards such as Suica, Pasmo, Icoca, Pitapa and etc. 
IC card can be refilled and used for taking the bus, trains, including buying goods at convenience stores.

18. Discount coupon: Some sightseeing places provide online discount coupon on website.

19. Smoking: Many Japanese smoke in the public, also in the restaurants.

20. Tissue: Many free tissues are distributed especially the big station. 

21. Basic Japanese words / phrases:
      Ohayou Gozaimasu                = Good Morning
      Konnichiwa                             = Hello / Hi
      Kombanwa                             = Good Evening
      Sayounara                             = Goodbye
      Sumimasen                            = Excuse me
      Gomennasai                           = Sorry (Sometimes can use Sumimasen)
      Arigatou Gozaimasu               = Thank you
      Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu  = Thank you very much
      Dou itashimashite                   = You're welcome
      Hai / Iie                                   = Yes / No
      Delicious                                 = Oishii / Umai
      Kore wo kudasai                     = I will take this 
      Kudasai / Onegaishimasu      = Please
      Wakarimasen                         = I don't understand
      Ikura desu ka?                       = How much?
      Daijoubu desu ka?                 = Are you ok?
      Daijoubu desu                        = That's ok / I'm ok.
      Nan mei sama desu ka?        = How many people? (Always heard in the restaurants)
      Toire wa dochira desu ka?     = Where is the toilet?
      Otoko no hito (男)                   = Man   
   Onna no hito (女)                 = Woman
      .... Eki                                     = ...Station
      Konbini                                   = Convenience Store
      Suupaa                                   = Supermarket
      Sugoi                                      = Amazing      
      Resutoran                              = Restaurant
      Mizu                                       = Water
      Mizu wo kudasai                    = Can I have water, please
      Betsu Betsu wo kudasai        = Separate the bill, please
      O kaikei onegaishimasu        = Check, please
      O kanjou Onegaishimasu      = Check, please     

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  1. Your Japan travel tips is awesome and your insights are impressive. Glad I saw your blog. We'll keep this as reference. Big thanks.