One Day Trip: Furano & Biei (Part 2): Furano (Lavender Farm) - Hokkaido, Japan

Refer to the previous article, I continue to write one day trip plan for Furano part.
If you have not read the Biei trip yet, please click here.
This is sample of my itinerary.

My Itinerary

07:48        From JR Sapporo Station to Asahikawa to leave the luggage 
                 (Stayed at Asahikawa for 1 night) 
09:15        Arrived JR Asahikawa Station (LTD. EXP SUPER SOYA 1) 
09:56        Norokko Train no.1 at JR Asahikawa Station
10:25        Arrived Biei Station
10:45        Twinkle Bus Biei
12:05        Arrived Biei Station
13:04        Norokko Train no.3 from Biei Station to Lavender Field Station
13:40        Arrived Lavender Field Station
                 Visit Tomita Farm
15:22        Norokko Train no.4 from Lavender Field Station back to Asahikawa
16:29        Arrived Asahikawa

Furano is one popular sightseeing place for flower farms especially lavender farm.
We can see beautiful and colorful flowers in summer of Hokkaido.
If you visit around end July, you will see large lavender field but I went there 2nd August so I could not see the large lavender fields but only some lavender and other flowers. It was still beautiful.

There are many ways access to Furano:

1. Bus:  If you buy Twinkle bus Asahikawa Furano ticket, the bus stops at Furano Station.
               If you buy Twinkle Bus Biei Furano ticket, the bus stops at Furano Station.

2. Train: Norokko Train, Furano Lavender Express

I took Norroko Train no.3 from Biei Station to Lavender Field Station.
I did not reserve the seat but there were seats available.
If you have JR Pass, don't forget to reserve the seats. It's free.
In summer the weather is hot, please bring umbrella, hat, sunglasses, hand fan.
This below photo is Lavender Farm Station. There is no coin lockers. Waiting area is on the right side (The purple color). Toilet is available next to waiting area.
While I was waiting the train back to Asahikawa, it was sunny so I raised the umbrella.

From Lavender Field Station, go straight and turn right. Walk only 5-7 minutes from station to Tomita Farm. On the way can see melon greenhouse. Norokko Train is best way to access to Tomita Farm if you do not drive a car. If you take JR Furano Line, the closest station is Nakafurano station but it is still far from Tomita Farm. Take about 20-30 minutes walk or take 5-7 minutes by taxi (cost 770 yen approximately).

In my opinion, Furano is more interesting than Biei. There are many various kind of flowers and enjoy food as well. Tomita Farm is divided into many zones such as flower fields, cafe, greenhouse. The best period of flowers viewing is mid July which can see the large lavender field. I visited this farm early August so I missed it. By the way, I could see the colorful flower fields. 

After saw the beautiful flowers, it's shopping and dessert time.
Shops sell products from lavender and melon.
These below photo, the first one is lavender soap. The second is fresh melon.
The softcream has lavender and melon. I tried the melon softcream, it's nice. 
The waffle cone is 300 yen each and cup is 250 yen.
Moreover, I recommend to lavender lemonade, the price is 230 yen.
It made me fresh because the weather is hot. Mostly, the lemonade is available in summer at supermarket and 100 yen shop.

After that, I went back to Lavender field station for taking Norokko Train to Asahikawa.
The departure time was 15:22. It would be better if you arrive the station at least 10-15 minutes before time departure if you don't reserve the seat. The waiting queue is long. I didn't reserve the seat so I needed to stand. Anyway, please note that the above train schedule is year 2015. Furano and Biei 2016, please click here.

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  1. Hi, I have a question regarding your itinerary:

    09:56 Norokko Train no.1 at JR Asahikawa Station
    10:25 Arrived Biei Station
    10:45 Twinkle Bus Biei
    12:05 Arrived Biei Station

    Why was it you arrived Biei station twice? Are they different stations? One for the Twinkle Bus, another one for the train?

    1. I took Norokko Train no.1 from JR Asahikawa Station to Biei Station.
      The train arrived at 10:25 at Biei Station. Then, I took Twinkle Bus Biei which departed at 10:25 in front of Biei Station. It took around 1.20 hr for sightseeing tour in Biei. Then, the bus came back to Biei Station (same place as departure point) again at 12:05.