One Day Trip: Furano & Biei (Part 1): Biei - Hokkaido, Japan

Regarding to the previous article, there are many ways to travel in Furano and Biei.
Twinkle bus and Norokko Train 2016 timetable is available now.
You can see the reference of year 2015 from previous article. It is hard to make a plan in visiting both place within one day because there are many details and the frequency of special trains are less but finally can do it. You can see my itinerary as a travel guide.

My Itinerary

07:48        From JR Sapporo Station to Asahikawa to leave the luggage 
                 (Stayed at Asahikawa for 1 night) 
09:15        Arrived JR Asahikawa Station (LTD. EXP SUPER SOYA 1) 
09:56        Norokko Train no.1 at JR Asahikawa Station
10:25        Arrived Biei Station
10:45        Twinkle Bus Biei
12:05        Arrived Biei Station
13:04        Norokko Train no.3 from Biei Station to Lavender Field Station
13:40        Arrived Lavender Field Station
                 Visit Tomita Farm
15:22        Norokko Train no.4 from Lavender Field Station back to Asahikawa
16:29        Arrived Asahikawa

I departed from Sapporo to Asahikawa to leave the luggage.In fact, I saw the event at Asahikawa on website "Sanroku Matsuri" so I planned to stay at Asahikawa for 1 night but when I checked-in at the hotel, staff told me that the event was cancelled (so sad T.T).
After left the luggage at the hotel, I went to JR Asahikawa Station to take Norroko Train to Biei. I did not reserve the seat as I depart from the first station, I thought that seats should be available. If you have JR Pass, you can reserve seat for free. 

Norokko Train has reserved car and non-reserved car. Please make sure that you take to right car. Seats of reserved and unreserved car are different. If seats in non-reserved cars are full, need to stand.

I bought the twinkle bus Biei ticket 3 days in advance at JR Station (show your JR Pass and specify the name and how many tickets would like to buy). Twinkle Bus Biei ticket was 1,500 yen/person. If you purchase the ticket in advance, it will make you feel like taking the private car. On that bus will have the passengers who only purchased the ticket in advance.
If you do not purchase the ticket in advance, you can purchase on the day travel if seats are available but there will be many passengers on the bus.

When walked out from Biei Station, the bus stop was on the right side. There were 2 bus stops; first was for the persons who bought the ticket in advance and second was for the person who bought the ticket at Biei station. I bought the ticket in advance so I went to the first bus stop. Informed reserved name to the staff and took the bus. On the bus, there were only 6 passengers including me, very comfortable.

The first stop was Takushinkan (Photo gallery). Bus stopped here for 15 minutes. 
Free admission. In fact, there was only 1 stop. Other sightseeing spots, just saw view and took photo from the bus. I recommend to sit on the bus at the left side, you will see more beautiful scenery. 

Ken and Mary Tree, Seven Stars Tree, Parent and Child Tree view from the bus.
Parent and Child Tree was very far away so needed to zoom the camera.

Biei is small town and have few attractions. If you love the nature and beautiful landscape, Biei should be in your itinerary. Apart from taking the bus, can rent the bicycle. In summer the weather is hot and sunshine, I decided to take twinkle bus instead. I had lunch at the restaurant near Biei station before going to Furano.

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  1. Hi Pear,

    Will be going to Biei to see the Blue Pond around 19 May 2018.I know its still too early for flower season , so is it still worth a visit to see Patchwork road or Panorama road during this time?Will there be any tour bus outside biei station during this time?

    1. Hi! In May is still in preparation period and wait for the flowers bloom. The current Biei Tour Bus is until 31 March 2018. The next tour bus program has not been released yet but regarding the tour bus of last year, Biei View Bus started in 3rd May. Click here to see more detail. The program should be released next month.

  2. Hi

    I plan to visit Blue Pond at Biei on 7 December 2018.

    I'm arriving at Asahikawa station on 6 December 2018.

    How can I buy the Twinkle bus tickets?


    1. Hi! Normally you can purchase ticket in advance at New Chitose Airport or JR counters. However, I'm not sure whether Twinkle bus will operate in December. Currently, the Twinkle bus schedule runs until early October. Please check the schedule closely.