Furano and Biei by Twinkle Bus and Norokko Train - Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido in summer is a high season. Furano and Biei are popular sightseeing place among tourists. Furano and Biei have beautiful flower fields and scenery.
If you have limited time and need to select only one between Furano and Biei, please see detail as below. I summarize the highlight of both Furano and Biei. For me, I went to both Furano and Biei in one day. Next time, I will write sample of my itinerary.

Furano (富良野)

  - Tomita Farm (Lavender and Flower fields)
  - Furano Winery
  - Grape Juice Factory
  - Cheese Factory

Biei (美瑛):

  - Beautiful rural landscape.
  - Famous trees

Here is the train map. 

Twinkle bus

You need to check the bus route before you travel because there are some changes in route every year. Twinkle bus is like optional tours. These are year 2015 programs
Twinkle bus are available among Furano, Biei and Asahikawa only specific period.
If you have luggage, you can stow it in the storage space of the bus.

Twinkle Bus Asahikawa Furano: Depart from Asahikawa station to Furano Station.
                                                    (Not return to Asahikawa Station)
Twinkle Bus Furano Asahikawa: Depart from Furano Station to Asahikawa Station
                                                    (Not return to Furano Station)

These are the map of bus stop. Please check before taking the bus.

Twinkle Bus Biei:              Depart from Biei Station and back to this station.
Twinkle Bus Biei Furano:  Depart from Biei Station to Furano Station. 
                                          (Not return to Biei Station)

Twinkle Bus Ticket Counter: 

Twinkle Plaza Sapporo Branch, Twinkle Plaza Sapporo South Exit Branch,
Twinkle Plaza Hakodate, Asahikawa, Obihiro, Kushiro and Abashiri Branches, New Chitose Airport Station Information Desk
JR Hokkaido Midori-no-madoguchi


1. The bus fare is not included in JR Pass
2. Ticket must be purchased at least 3 days prior to boarding date.

(For Twinkle Bus in Furano-Biei district, purchasing ticket on the day if seats are available.)
3. Only those who having tickets for JR Hokkaido trains (except commuter pass/entrance ticket to the platform) can use this service.
4. When purchase the ticket, need to show JR Ticket or your JR Pass.

Norokko Train

Norokko Train runs from Furano to Asahikawa. It is not rapid train and normally operate during summer. If you would like to visit the big lavender farm (Tomita Farm) in Furano, get off at Lavender Field station (Lavender Batake Station). Five minutes walk to the farm. 
If you take JR, the closest station is Nakafurano station but take about 30 minutes walk or  can take the taxi from JR Station (770 yen approximately).

Norokko Train fare is included in JR Hokkaido Pass.
The train has both reserved seats and non reserved seats. If you have JR pass, you can reserve seats for free.

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