Sakura Viewing Spot @ Osaka Mint Bureau - Osaka, Japan

Osaka Mint Bureau is one of popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Osaka.
This place, we can see cherry blossom around mid April while other spots are in late March or early April. They will announce the opening period on website in mid March. It changes every year because depends on the flowers blooming. The opening hours of Japan Mint Museum is 9 a.m. - 4.45 p.m. (entrance until 4 p.m.). It's free admission.


Temmabashi Station (Tanimachi Subway Line and Keihan Main Line), North Exit.
Get off at Tenmabashi Station, you will see the sign to Japan Mint and big group of people. Just follow them. Walk 10-15 minutes from train station. I went there in the morning around 11 a.m. but there were many people because the flowers bloom only short period.

On the way, there were some traditional shops near the entrance of Japan Mint Bureau.
This made me think of summer festival.

Generally, Osaka Mint Bureau is opened to the public for cherry blossom viewing only 1 week. Cherry blossoms were beautiful. There were many kinds of cherry blossoms trees for both side. As it was crowded, it was hard to take photo with cherry blossom. The important thing, when you take photo of cherry blossoms, don't touch the flowers.

After arrived the exit gate, walked follow along the riverside.
There are shop stands, including food stall which you can see like this in the special event especially summer event. On that time, it was noon so I bought yakisoba and some snacks. I was happy and enjoy this kind of festival. Mostly, the signs and menu were in Japanese. If you cannot read the sign and speak Japanese, just point the photo and say "Kore o kudasai". It means that you want this one.

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