Jeongseon Auraji Rail Bike - Gangwon-do, South Korea

Jeongseon Auraji Rail Bike (정선 아우라지 레일바이크) is an interesting activity which we can exercise and enjoy the surrounding scenery. 

There are both 2 and 4 seaters bike. The 2 seaters bike is the red bike and the 4 seaters are yellow one. Price are different. I went there with my family in spring so my parents just sit at the front. I and my brother sat at the back and rode the bicycle. When arrived that place, it was windy and cold. The distance for the track was 7.5 kilometers. 

The operating hours and admission fees on railbike website are in Korean so thank you for the information from Visit Korea website.

Operating Hours
* March to October 09:00 - 18:00, 5 times a day 
* November to February 09:00 - 15:00, 4 times a day

Admission Fees
[2-seaters bike]
Individual 25,000 won / Group 22,500 won

[4-seaters bike]

Individual 35,000 won / Group 31,500 won


From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Jeongseon Intercity Bus Terminal. (travel time: 3hr 20min) 
From Jeongseon Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to the railbike boarding point (Gujeol-ri Station; 구절리역).
(About 40min / 26.42km away)

You can keep your belongings under your seat as below photo:

While I was riding the bicycle, the surrounding area and the weather was good. Could see the mountain and the river. I went there in spring so although it was sunshine, it was not hot. If you went there in summer, it'd better to come in the morning.

Here was the destination. The staff would take photo for us while we was riding the bicycle and when we arrived the destination, we could see the our photo in frame. It costs 10,000 won. I bought it because it was not expensive and it was our family photo. Once, we arrived the destination, very tired.

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  1. Hi
    1) May I know how much was the taxi fare from Jeongseon Intercity Bus Terminal to Gujeol-ri Station?
    2) Was there any bus to Gujeol-ri Station from Jeongseon Intercity Bus Terminal?
    3) How do you return from the railbike to Jeongseon Intercity Bus Terminal?

    1. Hi

      1. I'm not sure about taxi fare.
      2. From Jeongseon Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus to Yeoryang (06:10-17:35, 10 daily departures) and take local bus to Gujeol-ri station.
      3. The rail bike starts from Gujeol-ri station and ends at Auraji Station. When you arrive destination, you can take bus to Jeongseon or can take free train back to Gujeol-ri station.