Senso-ji Temple (Asakusa) - Tokyo, Japan

Sensoji Temple is Buddhist Temple, also known as Asakusa Temple (The must visit place in Tokyo). This temple is beautiful.The big and red lantern at the entrance of temple is landmark. When arrive at this temple, everyone will take photo around this spot. If you come here early in the morning or in the evening, there will be less people.


Asakusa Station (Ginza Subway Line, Asakusa Subway Line), Exit 1
When get off station, turn right and short walk to temple.

When enter the first gate of the temple, there is long shopping street. There are many kind of products especially souvenirs. The products' price of each shop are a little bit different. 
It is busy street. It is hard to walk around this place.
Moreover, there are other shopping street near the temple which sell traditional goods. 

Arrive at the second gate, the pagoda is at the left side. If you turn back, you can see Tokyo Sky Tree too. At this gate, there are red lantern and two black and gold lanterns. At the another side, there are big sandals at the gate. There is small park near the temple, it is worth to take for a walk. 

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