Otaru Music Box Museum - Hokkaido, Japan

Otaru Music Box Museum gathers various kind of music box. I am the one who love the music box. Music Box Museum has many branches in Japan such as Otaru, Kamakura, Nikko, Kyoto and etc. I used to visit the shops in Arashiyama Kyoto and Kamakura. The main building of Music Museum is located in Otaru, Hokkaido. This branch is the biggest building, has 3 floors. The tourists can get tax refund if the total amount of purchasing is exceed 10,801 yen.



JR Minami Otaru Station, walk 5-7 minutes.

When got off from JR station, there was not much people. I walked until see this building. It meant that finally, I arrived the museum. There were many souvenir shops around that area.
Many people went shopping here. The number of tourists between train station and around the museum were different. It was sunshine and hot but inside the building was cool.

Let's see inside the building. There were many styles of music box.
They were cute. You can also customize your music box by mixing the dolls and the song you like. Of course, the price is vary from the kind of music box. The customize one, the price is more expensive.

I spent time for a while for choosing the music box because there were so many styles and interesting. For example, the rabbit music box had many colors and had different songs so I need to choose the most favourite song.You can give it as present. The staff will ask you whether it is present for anyone. They will remove the price and wrap it.


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