Old Hakodate Public Hall, Motomachi Slope, Church (Hakodate) - Hokkaido, Japan

Hakodate has many tourist attractions especially around Jujigai (DY 20) and Suehiro-cho (DY 21) station. I started to my trip at Jujigai station and walk to Suehiro-cho station so I will continue my writing from previous article. If you still don't know where should start to see around these area, I will give some example of my trip as below:

1. Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse
2. Hakodate Port
3. The Old British Consulate
4. The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward
5. Motomachi Slope
6. Motomachi Roman Catholic Church
7. Russian Orthodox Church
8. Mount Hakodate Ropeway
9. Hakodate Morning Market

Old Hakodate Public Hall

It is next to The Old British Consulate, around slope area. Both outside and inside of the building are beautiful in the western style. The yellow color makes this building outstanding.
If you look back, the scenery from the top of slope is beautiful. 
Admission fee is 300 yen (Adult). You can also rent the costumes and take photo.  


Take street car to Suehiro-cho station (DY 21). 
Fare is 210 yen (Adult) and 110 yen (Child) from Hakodate Eki Mae station (DY 17).

After I purchased the ticket, I need to take off my shoes and wear slippers instead.
On 1st floor, There are stamps of this place. 
This is the first room that I saw. Room is big and clean.

The building has 2 floors. I like the 2nd floor especially the concert hall.
I think this room may be the biggest room. The room style looks classic and chic.
There is corridor beside the room and can see the good view from the top.
I spent time here about 1 hour and went to next sightseeing spot.

On the way to  Motomachi Slope, I ate melon softcream. This made me fresh after I was tired from walking. Staff gave discount coupon of soft cream so I bought one cone of melon softcream for 300 yen (original price is 330 yen). Go straight and finally saw Motomachi slope. It was at T junction so I was a little bit hard to take this photo. Cars always passed this way. Please be careful when take some photo around this area. 

The Russian Orthodox Church is near Catholic Church.

I just saw around the church, did not enter inside the building.

Catholic Church
This church is also beautiful and peaceful. The door is always closed but can enter inside and could take photo only outside.

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