Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, The Old British Consulate (Hakodate) - Hokkaido Japan

Many sightseeing spots are not far from Jujigai station.
Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is just 400 m. from street car station.
The red warehouses are the symbol of this place.
These old warehouse was turned to shopping place. The buildings are beautiful.
Atmosphere around warehouse is also good. It is near Hakodate Port.


Take street car to Jujigai station (DY 20). Fare is 210 yen (Adult) from Hakodate Eki Mae station. The direction from street car station to Kanemori Warehouse as below map.

Warehouses have many buildings. The restaurants and many shops are inside the warehouse. You can buy some cute souvenirs here. Moreover, a good view to see Mount Hakodate from this area. 

I prefer to walk along Hakodate Port and took some photo. Really felt relaxing. I think this area will be more beautiful during the winter. The atmosphere may be romantic. 

Next, I walked to The Old British Consulate. 
Beautiful and colorful flowers were at entrance area. This place was peaceful.
I did not enter to inside the building, just walk around the building.

I like this small garden around the building. There are many flowers such as hydrangea, rose. I like the blue hydrangea. I could see many hydrangea in many places in July.
You can take a break at this area.
The Old British Consulate is closed to The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward.
I will write in the next article.

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