Goryokaku Tower (Star Shaped Fortress) Hakodate - Hokkaido, Japan

I enjoyed to see the view from top of Goryokaku Tower especially panorama view and the highlight view is star-shaped estate. If come here during spring, will see the star shaped full with cherry blossom. The history was gathered on this tower. 
The 1st floor is souvenir shops. 


Goryokaku Koen Mae station, 230 yen (one way from Hakodate Eki Mae station)
and walk 10 minutes. There are maps along the street. 
If you see this tower, that means go to the right direction.
Admission fee: 840 yen (Adult)

Buy the ticket at first floor and take the elevator. The staff will take you to the top of tower.
In the elevator, the staff describes some history of this tower but in Japanese.
Could see the history in other languages from brochure that received when purchased the ticket.

Finally, this view is from top of the tower so I took many photo for this view.

 The history was gathered around this floor.

There are 2 stamps of Goryokaku Tower.
Don't forget to bring some small notebook and have these cute stamps as souvenir.

I waited for a while to take the elevator down.
The elevator down to the 2nd floor where has small cafe so I walked down to the 1st floor to buy some souvenir.

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