One day in Noboribetsu - Hokkaido, Japan

Noboribetsu (Hokkaido, Japan) has many sightseeing place and can make plan as one day trip. Regarding to the previous article about transportation to Noboribetsu, it is one of famous place for onsen. Noboribetsu is small city so it is peaceful and do not have much shopping place. 

The scanned timetable of Donan Bus (English Version).
Please click the photo for larger version.

Fare depends on the distance.
The maximum fare is 340 yen (one way) and 620 yen (round trip).

 1. From JR Noboribetsu to Noboribetsu Onsen

 2. From Noboribetsu Spa to JR Noboribetsu station

Jigokudani (Hell Valley) is one of famous sightseeing place here.
There are long pathway near the valley. Around the valley, the temperature is a little bit higher. As the surrounding of the valley consists of many trees so some areas the weather is cool.  

The town seems quiet. Not much restaurants in this town.
There are 7-11 shops and Seicomart (convenience store).
In the morning and evening, the weather is cool and is foggy.


The automatic performance round: 10.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00 20.00 and 21.00. 
The display takes time about 5-10 minutes. 

You can find many status around Noboribetsu. There are different meanings.
For example, the below photo at right bottom corner is the symbolic for success in love.

The right side is Geyser in Sengen Park.
You can walk down to see hot springs closely but be careful.

Other popular sightseeing spots are Noboribetsu Date Jidamura and Marine Park Nixe.
I had plan to visit other city so I did not visited both of them

Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura is similar to Edo Wonderland. You can enjoy the shows and don't forget to check the timetable.
There are online discount coupon. Please download it. It discount 200 yen/person for adult.
This coupon can be used maximum to 7 persons.

The above photo is Marine Park Nixe. It is located near JR Noboribetsu station, just take about 5 minutes walk.

At JR Noboribetsu station has coin lockers and toilets. It is small train station. There are neither escalators nor elevators.

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  1. Hi Pear,

    Thank you for sharing the information! Your blog is very informative and useful!

  2. Hi ur blog is so useful as i'll be going end of nov. Btw, im still lost where would you alight if u wanna go to hell valley & foot bath. Thanks

  3. Hi ur blog is so useful as i'll be going end of nov. Btw, im still lost where would you alight if u wanna go to hell valley & foot bath. Thanks

    1. Hi! Please take NA or ND bus to go to Footbath Entrance (N15).
      You can take NA / NB / NC / ND bus to go to Noboribetsu Onsen (N11) and walk to Hell Valley. FYI, A tourist information centre is at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus stop.

  4. hi, is the highway bus from noboribetsu bus terminal close to JR Noboribetsu station? if i take the local bus from Noboribetsu onsen (N11), which stop should i get off in order to walk to the highway bus station for bus to Sapporo? Can you kindly send a link of the map/direction? I am very confused. I was advised to get off at N3 (shiomizaka), is this so?Is the highway bus station to Sapporo a bus station or just a bus stop ?

    1. Hi!

      Chuo Bus and Donan Bus runs between Noboribetsu and Sapporo. Donan Bus operate one round trip per day but Chuo Bus has more frequency. If you take Donan Bus, get on the bus at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal.

      If you take Chuo Bus, the bus stop is near JR Noboribetsu Station. Click here to see the map. Fare is 1,850 yen (one way). The timetable is on Chuo Bus website but it is in Japanese. Please search 登別 (the 14th line for Noboribetsu) and 札幌駅前ターミナル (the last one for Sapporo Bus Terminal). Here is the map of bus stop at Sapporo. You can also get off at other areas in Sapporo such as Clock Tower.

  5. Hi Blue Moon,

    Many thanks for your most helpful information.I saw the highway bus stop on the map. it's just beside the supermart right? Really appreciate your help! Your blog is really helpful for first time visitors like us who dont understand Japanese. Keep up the good work.

  6. hi Blue Moon, chanced upon your site. Very informative.
    May I ask if I am going to N14, do I take NA or ND bus? Thank you.

    1. Hi! You can take both NA or ND bus. NA bus takes more time a little bit because it also makes a stop at N7 (Noboribetsu Jidai Mura).

  7. Great info! I'm planning to stay in 1 ryokan there, but first wanna drop to noboritetsu jidai mura before go to hell valley and check in ryokan.
    1) is there any locker located at jidai mura?
    2) can I take donan bus from hell valley to ryokan? Or hell valley is the last bus station?

    1. Hi! Regarding the information on website of Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura, there are coin lockers as below detail:

      We have coin-operated storage lockers near the entrance.
      The size & fees are below:
      For larger size baggage, please contact a staff of the ticket counter.
      ※Only 100yen coins can be used.

      Could you tell us what is the name of ryokan?

    2. hye.
      im considering Noboribetsu Manseikaku or Noboribetsu Sekisui Tei.
      My plan goes like this: JR Noboribetsu Station to NOBORIBETSU DATE JUDAIMURA to HELL VALLEY then check in ryokan above. Please advice. Thank you so much....

    3. Hi! Noboribetsu Manseikaku is close to Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Stop (N11) and Noboribetsu Sekisuitei is close to Footbath Entrance Bus Stop (N15) which is the last bus stop.

      Hell Valley is close to Daiichi Takimotokan Bus Stop (N13). You can walk from N11 to N13.

    4. Wow fab! Thank you so much ya.

    5. Hye,
      just to confirm ya,
      from JR Noboribetsu station (bus stop) I take NA Bus to (N7) Jidaimura. After 4hours there I take Bus to (N13) to Hell Valley and spend 15 minutes there. Lastly i take bus to (N15) to go to Noboribetsu Sekisuitei. Is it correct? im planning to do in during winter break. thank you

    6. Yes, you're right. FYI, Bus timetable may be changed in winter.

  8. Hi. Do you have an updated time table for 2019? Will be coming to Noboribetsu from Sapporo on this April. Where or what station can we access Donan or Chuo bus from Sapporo? Will travel first to the marine park nixe then Jikodani then foot bath. Can you advice me how to do this route? This is our first time in Japan so I'm a bit confused with transporation system and language barrier. Tnx in advance.

    1. Hi! Currently, Donan Bus website is unable to access. Normally, the timetable will be released the end of this month and there is only a bit change in time. Anyway, please see this link for your reference. Website. If you need any further information, please let me know.

  9. Hi. Do you have an updated time table for 2019 Donan or Chuo bus from Sapporo to Noboribetsu? We'll be coming to Noboribetsu on April second week and I'm a bit confused what bus or station we'll get into from our Sapporo hotel to Noboribetsu. We plan to go to the marine park first then hell valley next foot bath. Can you advice what bus will we take then? Thank you in advance.