Hakodate Street Car (Tram) - Hokkaido, Japan

Mostly sightseeing place in Hakodate can be accessed by street car.
I provide Hakodate street car map in English version in this article.
There are two lines of tram; no.2 (Red line) and no.5 (Blue line).
The difference between two lines is destination.
Both 2 lines pass Jujigai station (DY20) and separate.
The terminal station of blue line is Hakodate Dock-Mae and red line is Yachigashira.

Here is street car map. Please click the photo for larger version.
Fare depends on the distance, starts from 210 yen to 250 yen (one way).
One day pass is 600 yen (Adult) and 300 yen (Child).

The station near JR Hakodate station is Hakodate Eki Mae station. (DY17).
Let's see where the street car station is.

From JR Hakodate station, get out at West exit, cross the road and turn left.
You will see Loisir Hotel, then go straight about 2-3 minutes.

Taking the tram is not difficult. It is the same as taking the bus.
Entrance is at the back and exit is at the front.
Don't forget to take the ticket at entrance door. On the ticket will show the station number where you come from.

At the front of street car, there is fare chart (sorry that I did not take photo).
Please look at your ticket. For example, on the ticket shows number 4, then you look at the fare chart under the number 4.

If the fare is 210yen, please insert the coins only 210 yen.
The machine cannot return the change.
If you would like to exchange coins, please insert the money follow the orange arrow.
The coins will be out near the orange arrow.

When you would like to get out at this station, press the button and go to the front.
Insert the coins and ticket follow the blue arrow.

Here is the list of sightseeing places in Hakodate

1. Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse
2. Hakodate Port
3. The Old British Consulate
4. The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward
5. Motomachi Slope
6. Motomachi Roman Catholic Church
7. Russian Orthodox Church
8. Mount Hakodate Ropeway
9. Hakodate Morning Market
10. Goryokaku Tower

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  1. Hi, is it ok to take the street car with large luggage? We are group of 5 with 3 large luggage, will be taking from Hakodate station to Hakodate Grand Hotel....or will it be more advisable to take taxi? Thank you!

    1. Hi! It is ok to take the street car with luggage.
      I think it is better to take taxi. Street car fare is 210 yen per person so total fare of 5 persons is 1,050 yen. Taxi minimum fare in Hakodate is 550 yen (5 persons should take medium sized car) (ref: http://www.hakodate.travel/en/basic-information/getting-around/). I see from map, the distance from Hakodate station to your hotel does not exceed 2 km. so fare should be cheaper than taking the street car and it is more convenient.