Fireworks Festival 2015 (Summer Festival) at Sapporo - Hokkaido, Japan

Summer in Japan, there are many interesting festivals such as beer festival, bon odori, music festival and fireworks. I went to Sapporo on 31st July 2015. Luckily, fireworks festival was held on that day and near the hotel where I stayed. Fireworks are not held only in Hokkaido but other regions as well but on different day.

Doshin/UHB Fireworks Festival was held along Toyohiragawa river. Started from 7.40 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. and free admission.


Take subway to Nakajima Koen station or Horohirobashi Station (Namboku Line).

The closest station is Horohirobashi Station.
When get out of subway station, you will see many people so please follow them.
The staff will facilitate the travel.


Prepare some snacks or food, drinks and mat. 
At this festival, there were not any restaurants and shops.
Please go to festival before the festival starts at least 1 hour in order to reserve the seats.

There were so many people on that day so in the subway was also crowded.
Could see some people dressed in yukata.

On that day, the weather was not bad. While I was waiting for the festival began, just took some photo and found that this festival was really big.

The festival started 7.40 p.m. (on time) and fireworks shooting duration was 50 minutes.

This festival make me happy. Enjoy to see the beautiful firework with good weather.
When the festival finished, people went home. Around that area was crowded.

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