Visit Great Buddha and shopping in Kamakura - Kanagawa, Japan

I departed to Kamakura early in the morning to avoid rush hour in Tokyo.
Kamakura is in Kanagawa Prefecture where is small town but many people (includes me) knew or heard about Great Buddha of Kamakura.

Access (From Tokyo station)

1. Take JR Yokosuka Line to JR Kamakura station (1 hour, 920 yen)
2. Take Enoden to Hase station (5 mins, 190 yen).
Enoden is next to JR Kamakura station. The train is green which looks like tram.
There is 100 yen shop at Hase station.

From Hase station, turn right and go straight about 10 minutes until you see the entrance as below photo (Souvenir shop is opposite entrance) .

Walk 2 minutes to Great Buddha.

After that I went to Hase dera but I did not enter. 
Walk back in the same way from Hase station but stop at intersection.
If you come from Great Buddha, cross road at the right hand side.

If you come from Hase station, cross road at left hand side.

Music Box Museum is at the right side. There are many branches in Japan.
Just walk a little bit from Music Box Museum to Hase dera.

Back to Kamakura station, it's time for shopping at Komachi-dori Shopping Street.
It is not far from Kamakura station. Please observe the big Torii Gate.

There are many shops and restaurants along both sides.

Not only this street has restaurants, but also another side where near JR station.

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