Everland Theme Park - South Korea

Everland is a theme park located in South Korea. Apart from Everland is Lotte Theme Park but I visited Everland theme park as I went with tour group. There were many tourists here.
I went there in the evening so I also watched the night parade.

The one day ticket price is 48,000 won (Adult) but if you purchase the night ticket (after 5 p.m.), price will be cheaper. Anyway, there are discount coupon. Please check the detail on website.

This is the entrance of theme park.

When entered the gate, these big flowers attracted me. I took photo comparing between the evening and night, Both of them were beautiful. Do you think so?

This tree especially at night was very beautiful.

The wooden roller coaster was very tall. I took the photo from the cable car so the photo might not look good.

Amazon Express: It was River rapids ride. 
I afraid that I would be wet so I did not bring camera into it. 

Let's see the Moonlight parade. The parade was decorated by the light. Very colorful.
I liked the fountain. It looked like the real one.

The parade was beautiful and worth to see it.
If you visited this theme park, don't forget to see parade.

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