Kwan Riam Floating Market - Bangkok, Thailand

There are many floating markets in Thailand.
Kwan Riam Floating Market is located in Bangkok, not a big market but it is one of popular floating market in Bangkok. It is next to Wat Bampen Nua and Wat Bang-Peng Tai. 
Once finish going shopping, can head to temple and respect to the Buddha.

Opening Hours

Saturday - Sunday and special holiday 6:00 -18:00 hrs.

Photo: Kwan Riam Floating Market Website


If you don't drive, can take van to The Mall Bangkapi and take taxi to Kwan Riam Floating Market.
If you drive, there are free parking.

I recommend to come here in the morning because of the good weather, not too many people and can give alms to monk.

The market has 2 two sides and connect with the footbridge.
As below photo, the opposite side has 2 floors.
There is small elevator which take you from 1st floor to 2nd floor. Very convenient.

There are many Thai food. The price is not expensive.
Moreover, the shops sell clothes, local products and etc. 
Be careful, if you are not familiar the spicy food.

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