Tamsui (Danshui) - Taipei, Taiwan

Tamsui is located by the riverside and is popular place for viewing the sunset.
I chose to come here to avoid the crowded in downtown area. 
I arrived here around 11.00 a.m., luckily still not too many people and also good weather but some shops had not been opened yet.


Take MRT Red line to Tamsui station (terminal station). 

Tamsui is an old street. Nice place to walk and relaxing. There are many shops and lots of food, nice and not expensive. For me, I think here is long shopping street and interesting place. Should not miss it.

The Jumbo Ice Cream looks like popular here but I had never tasted it.

Tenren's Tea is my favourite tea shop. We can taste some tea in the shop.
I saw many branches in Taiwan. 
Tea is not expensive. This branch sold tea in cup both hot and cold, also ice cream.

Afternoon, there are many people along both side. 
There is convenience store and souvenir shops. We can buy some gifts and snacks.

There is fresh market near the Tamsui, sells meat, vegetable, fruits, clothes and etc.
The street may be a little bit narrow but if you like it, recommend to come in the morning. 
If you come in the afternoon, there are a lot of people.

Tamsui may not be a destination of many people but here is one of my favourite place in Taiwan. If you like a cozy atmosphere, this place may suit with you. You may feel like escaping from the busy town.

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