Let's go to Fujiko F.Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum)

Fujiko F.Fujio Museum also known as Doraemon Museum, is located at Kawasaki city where is not far from Tokyo. I spent time here on weekend so there are many people especially the children. This museum may be Dream World of children and many people. 
It was built to collect Fujiko F.Fujios' works and give the information about his biography.

Before visiting the museum, let's see how to purchase ticket in advance as we cannot purchase at the museum.

How to purchase ticket

Need a reservation by purchasing via Loppi at Lawson in Japan.
More detail, please click the below link.


If you have any problems about ticket purchasing, please ask staff for help.

When purchase the ticket, need to specify our name, the date and time.
10:00 hr. 12:00 hr.  14:00 hr.  16:00 hr.

Every Tuesday except during the Golden Week(April 29th ~ May 5th) 
and summer holidays (July 20th ~ September 3rd).
The Year-end and New Year Holidays (December 30th ~ January 3rd). 

Admission Fee:

Adults and University Students                          1,000yen
High School and Junior High School Students     700yen
Children (4 years or older)                                    500yen

*children at the age of 3 or younger are free of charge

Sample of tickets

How to get there?

Take train to JR Noborito Station.

Then, take shuttle bus (210 yen/person for one way). 
The bus stop is in front of Noborito Station.
Sample of shuttle bus. Don't forget the enter and exit sign before taking the shuttle bus.

We have to come to the museum before the time for queue up.
We can pick up the pamphlet in front of the museum, also are available in English version.
Next, show the ticket to staff and they will give small ticket and audio guide. 
Please inform the prefer language.

Inside the museum, can take photo only specific areas.

As the above photo (Doraemon eats dorayaki, there are Doraemon comics zone where we can read the comic for free. 

This museum does not have only the museum, also consists of cafe, souvenir shop.
Hope you also have great time here.

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