Bus Kita - Donan Bus Timetable and Routes Search - Hokkaido, Japan

Donan Bus runs in Hokkaido especially sightseeing places. Bus popular routes are Noboribetsu, Lake Toya, Muroran, Sapporo and etc. On 5th July 2021 "Bus Kita! Donan Bus" was released, the website provides bus operation timetable and routes. This allows you to check the bus current location and timetable in real time. 

Firstly, visit website  https://db.buskita.com/ on mobile phone or pc.

Route Search

1. Specify departure point and arrival point, and choose the "search" button (the green button).

*Noboribetsu Eki Mae = Noboribetsu Station

2. The bus timetables are shown. The duration time, bus fare and bus status (on time or delay) are appeared. Select your favourite bus timetable.

3. You can see the bus route detail.

4. When you choose the bus stop in pink circle on the right side, the bus stop location will be displayed on the map.

Bus Timetable Search

1. Select timetable on the bottom menu. Specify departure point and arrival point, and choose the "Search Timetable" button (the green button).

2. The bus timetable will be displayed. There are weekdays and weekends timetable. 

Bus map

Select Bus Map on the bottom menu.

Real-time bus location and operation information are displayed on the map.


1. Smartphone: Compatible models with iOS 10.0 or later, Android devices with Android OS 5.0 or later

2. Recommended browser: iOS browser safari, AndroidOS browser Chrome

If you use a browser other than the recommended browser such as the Android standard browser, the site may not be available or may not be displayed correctly.

3. Feature phones are not supported.

4.  There is no charge for using this service except the mobile internet data. 

For other terms of use and disclaimer, please see the "Bus Kita! Donan" website.

Reference: Donan Bus Website

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