Little Oyatsu Town: Snack Theme Park - Osaka, Japan

Baby Star Ramen, a theme park will be opened as Little Oyatsu Town Namba リトルおやつタウン  (Oyatsu means snack) on 7th Floor at Namba Parks in Osaka on 31st October 2020. You can experience make your own Baby Star ramen and enjoy the amusement area.  

Oyatsu Town Namba


The first Oyatsu Town is located in Mie. Take the Kintestu Nagoya Line to Hisai Station. From there, take the Mie Kotsu Bus towards Sakakibara-shako mae via Oyatsu Town (approx. 15 minutes). It's a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.

Oyatsu Town Namba is on 7th Floor of Namba Parks.

- Nankai Namba Station, Central - South Gate

- Namba Station (Subway Midosuji Line), South South Gate and 7 minutes walk

- Osaka Namba Station Kintetsu Namba Line (Nara Line), East Gate, 9 minutes walk

Business Hours: 11:00-21:00 (Planned)

Business Days: Same as Namba Parks

Entrance Fee: Free (Each content charges seperately) 

Little Snack Town Namba Areas

Oyatsu Town Namba

1. Take Out Corner: Baby Star Factory

Guest can see Baby Star Ramen cooking process. No reservation

2. Experience Area

Make you own Baby Star and choose your favourite seasoning (My Special Baby Star) and make steamed bread to season as well. Reservation is required.

3. Amusement Area: Oyatsu Park

Both adults and children are able to enjoy digital contents of Baby Star theme in this area, move your own avatar. No reservation.

4. Food Area: Sweets Park

Enjoy 25 kinds of desserts, lunch, dinner, soft drink, alcohol. Reservation is required.

Oyatsu Town Namba

5. Take Our Corner: Snack Deli

Order curry bread and buns using Baby Stars for take out. Enjoy your own taste (No reservation).

6. Merchandise Area: Oyatsu Marche  

Guest can buy limited edition of Baby Star Ramen taste such as Osaka Kote Kote Takoyaki taste, curry taste, as well as stationeries and accessories. 

Reference: Oyatsu Town Namba  / Nankai Electric Railway

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