(Review) Flying to Japan by Thai Airways

Several airlines departs from Thailand to Japan. I usually uses service of Thai Airways except from time to time using ANA and Singapore Airlines. It depends on promotion and flight time. Thai Airways is member of star alliance so you can collect the mileages and redeem for reward. I am member of ROP (Royal Orchid Plus) of Thai Airways. Before that I redeemed the rewards at Thai shop i.e. Travel bags, Universal plus, cap, handbag, umbrella and etc. When Thai Airways launched the program Cash + Miles ticket, I redeem my reward for using this program instead.

What is Cash + Miles Ticket?

You can purchase TG airline (Thai Airways) ticket using cash plus your ROP miles so you can save your money. Number of Miles required for Cash + Miles start from 2,500 miles to 120,000 miles per purchase. For example, this trip I departed from Bangkok to Narita, Japan and backed from Haneda to Bangkok. The original airplane ticket is 17,420 Baht. I redeemed mileage 10,000 miles and got discount for 2,250 Baht so total amount is 15,170 Baht.

Narita Airport or Haneda Airport if going to Tokyo?

Some of you ask about the arrival airport what airport we should select. If your plan is visiting the Tokyo (i.e. Shinjuku, Shibuya, Odaiba, Harajuku, Ikebukuro), Tohoku, nearby Tokyo such as Yokohama, Kamakura and heading to Osaka, Haneda Airport to closer to these destinations than Narita Airport but the flights to Narita Airport are more than Haneda Airport.

Narita International Airport to located in Narita, Chiba so it is easy to visit the attractions in Chiba i.e. Tokyo Disneyland. My previous posts about Chiba, click here. For your information, Narita Airport offers free tour for transit flight. You can check more detail on website.

The departure flight is Airbus 330-300 airplane. It takes 6 hours flying to Tokyo. The flight entertainment is not bad. There are various kind of songs and movies. I departed from Thailand at night so I just listened to music and slept through out the flight.

The space between seat.

Sky View

The snack was a set of sandwich and one bottle of drinking water.


Orange juice is from Thai Shop. After I got a breakfast set, crew served the drinks (English tea / green tea, coffee). If you drink English tea, you can add the slice of lemon.

The most favourite thing I like Thai Airways is food, good taste and always serve the beverages through out the flight (not only during the meal).

This was the meal serving when flying back from Tokyo to Thailand.

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