Yonago Gaina Matsuri (Festival) 2018 - Tottori

Yonago is a city located in Tottori prefecture. Gegege no Kitaro is Japanese manga of Shigeru Mizuki and Mizuki Shigeru Museum is one of popular sightseeing place in Yonago, Tottori. It is located not far from Sakaiminato Station. 

I planned to stay at hotel in Yonago 1 night and the morning go to this museum. In the evening, I visited Yonago Gaina Matsuri. Unfortunately, there was Typhoon. The announcement on JR West website stated that there was 50% possibility of train cancellation of Sakai Line. Normally, the train in Sakai Line runs 1 train per hour. Therefore, I cancelled the trip to Mizuki Shigeru Museum (so sad T^T).

Yonago Gaina Matsuri is the festival held in summer of Yonago around end of July. In 2018 the event was held on 28th and 29th July. I went to the festival on 28th July (Saturday). The event in this year had already been ended. You can see this as a guideline of the next year event.

The Event Stage Program

Program: Yonago Gaina Matsuri Website
I stayed at Hotel Harvest in Yonago so the stage was just the opposite side of the hotel. You can access to the event by JR Yonago Station and walk. There were many stages and the event started from 11:00 a.m. but I went to the event in the evening. 

This was the mini stage opposite to the hotel

The main event started in the evening around 17:00-18:00 at Yonago Eki-Mae Road. This road was closed to traffic during the event. After this shows was finished, I went to see the food stall.

The traditional stalls include the food and game. The food stalls along two side were similar. The food price was not cheap and not too expensive. Some stalls had long queue.   

Goldfish Scooping

If you came here after 18:00, it's crowded. 

The highlight of the event, the lantern procession. If you stand close to the lantern, please be careful. there is possibility of the lanterns fall down.

The fireworks festival was held on 29th July (Sunday) only around 20:05. Due to the storm, some stages were cancelled on 29th July but the fireworks were held. In fact, the website already stated that the event might be cancelled due to the weather. 

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