Thailand Tourism Festival 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand

The 38th Thailand Tourism Festival (TTF) was organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at Lumpini Park in Bangkok during 17-21 January 2018. This festival was held from noon to 10 p.m. The visitors could take MRT to Silom Station or BTS Saladaeng Station. MRT is closer to Lumpini Park. It's free admission. Last year the festival also took place at Lumpini Park. 

I took skytrain to BTS Saladaeng Station and walk to Lumpini Park. The Royal Barge Suphannahong was placed in front of the entrance. In 1992 the World Ship Trust presented the World Ship Trust Maritime Heritage Award to the Suphannahong Royal Barge.

After passed the entrance, I received a festival map and one mini stamp book. There were 5 spots for stamp at each zone. Once got all the 5 stamps, I could join the lucky draw and got free pen. The 80%-90% of this festival are food kiosks and the rest is the workshop and the performances.

Actually there are several zones in this festival but I will review only 5 mains zones which based on five regions of Thailand.

1. The Central region village

The Central region village has the stage in front of the traditional Thai house and refers to the temple fair, traditional market. The visitors can enjoy the workshops on handicraft.

2. The Eastern Village

The Eastern Village was in the concept of Sea-Fruit by gathering the popular sea food, fruit and vegetable. The fruit (not the real one) was showed at the entrance and looked interesting.   

3. The Southern Village

This zone presented the new travel concept in the southern Thailand including beautiful beaches in the South which are also popular sightseeing places. There are workshops and the event at the stage.     

4. The Northeastern Village 

The Northeastern Village was based on Cool Isan concept by presenting the culture, tradition, food. Isan or Northeastern Thai is Thailand's largest region. 

5. The Northern Village

The Northern Village was based on Lanna Concept, feature King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s ‘Sufficiency Economy Philosophy’, information about local hill tribes, Royal Project and Doi Tung coffee shops.

The Botanical Garden; this zone in the Northern village consists of colorful and beautiful flowers.  

Lumpini Park is hugh park, located in downtown of Bangkok. Many people exercise here in the morning and evening. If there is no event, the visitor still can come here for relaxing or exercising. Of course, free admission.

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