In-Town Check-In Service - Taiwan

In-Town Check-In is very convenient and useful service in Taiwan. Travelers can check-in, drop baggage, select seat and get the boarding pass in advance at Taipei Main Station. After get the boarding pass, travelers can still enjoy shopping before going to airport. If you have more baggage, you also drop more baggage at the airport. Sometimes when you check-in at the airport, there are long queues. In-Town Check-In can save your time. Only China Airlines and EVA Airways provides this service.

Opening times: 06:00-21:30 (services will close three hours before flight departure)

Passengers must complete the In-town Check-in Services at any time between 06:00 and three hours (180 minutes) before flight departure on the same day

In-Town Check-In Service Location

MRT A1 Taipei Main Station
B1 In-Town Check-In Area

Follow the sign to Taoyuan Airport MRT. It is near the underground shopping area at Taipei Main Station.

There is some distance between the above sign and In-Town Check-in. 

Check flight schedule first. You can check-in, drop baggage, print boarding pass by yourself or at the counter. The staff also give an advice and helpful if you have additional requirement. If you want to check-in by yourself, please go to the machine which is next to flight schedule. The staff always standby if you need any help.

After drop your luggage, please check the status on monitor or scan the barcode at the machine. I ever hesitated about this service if it would really deliver to airport and in good condition. Finally, I got my luggage in good condition. When I arrived the airport, just went to immigration process. The boarding gate at the airport (Terminal 2) is very far so please be careful. 

If you would like to take MRT to airport, just go downstairs and buy the ticket. There are express train and commuter train. The express train does not stop every stations. Taoyuan Airport MRT fare from Taipei Main Station to Airport is NTD 160 (express and commuter train fare are the same). If you would like to go shopping at outlet (Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou), please take commuter train because the express train does not stop at Linkou Station.  

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