(Review) Hotel WBF Art Stay Naha - Okinawa, Japan

Hotel WBF Art Stay Naha is located near Kokusai-Dori Shopping Street in Okinawa, Japan. The hotel is near Miebashi Station and Makishi Station, only 500-600 m. from monorail station. The monorail stations in Okinawa always have elevators, really appreciate. There is no free parking lot in the hotel but has some coin-operated parking close to hotel. You can enjoy shopping along both side of the shopping street, try the local food at Makishi market., the convenience stores and Donki.

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Get off at Miebashi or Makishi Station, 500-600 m. walk.

1. Get off at Miebashi Station, South exit. Follow the direction to Kokusaidori. Go straight, pass D-naha department store (has bookstore, Daiso). Hotel is on the right side (next to Docomo).

2. Get off at Makishi Station, West exit. Go straight until see Starbucks, then turn right and cross the road.

This hotel is over my expectation. The hotel was renovated in year 2016. The reception is on the basement floor. The location and room are great! The hotel is near shopping street (1 minute walk) and not far from monorail station. The room is clean, comfortable, modern style, has enough amenities. The room size is Japanese standard (in my opinion it is larger than usual) and has some space to store your luggage. I booked the twin room, non-smoking room, free wi-fi.

A sofa near the bed.

Free Jasmine tea. Normally, in Okinawa people drink Jasmine tea more than green tea. I am not familiar with the word さんぴん茶 (Sanpin-cha) but I see the word ジャスミン茶 (Jasmine tea) so I searched in dictionary. Sanpin-cha is Okinawa Jasmine tea. You can buy it at the supermarket or Donki (Don Quijote) near hotel. The hotel also sells the cup. It is 900 yen per cup).

A Bathroom and toilet amenities; shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, razor, body towel, cotton buds, comb.

The lobby is in front of breakfast room. You can take a break, read some magazines or travel brochure. My room price includes breakfast. Breakfast has Okinawan and Thai food. I tried both but I think Thai food is not really the Thai taste. Overall, it's ok and enough.

You can rent the bicycle for sightseeing. The bicycle is near the elevator. There is only on elevator. Convenient stores (7-11 and Family Mart is not far from hotel, no Lawson in Okinawa). The hotel is located close to Kokusaidori Street and this street is closed to traffic for pedestrian during 12:00-18:00 on Sundays. 

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