Again in Arashiyama - Kyoto, Japan

This is my 3rd time visiting Arashiyama, Kyoto. You may wonder why I visited there many times. Regarding my previous review about Toei Kyoto Studio Park, it takes only 10-15 minutes from there to Arashiyama and I can go back to Osaka directly. 

Arashiyama is beautiful sightseeing place in Kyoto. You can enjoy the nice scenery, shopping, food and foot spa. Please follow my previous Arashiyama review. This article, I will provide additional information.

There are 3 Arashiyama Stations; Arashiyama Station Hankyu Line, Saga-Arashiyama Station (JR Line), Randen Arashiyama Station (Tram). 

Map from Hankyu

I used to review access from Saga-Arashiyama Station so I will explain the direction from Randen Arashiyama Station and from Hankyu Line. 

Randen Arashiyama Station has Kimino Forest and foot spa as attractions. Regard the below photo, ashiyu or foot spa is in front of you. 

Walk closer to foot spa. The yellow sign is for dropping the ticket in the box, not for money.
You need to buy the ticket at the counter. Fee is 200 yen (includes the towel). You must wash your feet using hot tap water before soaking in the tub. You can bring the towel back home. 

The ticket machine is for buying the tram ticket.
The yellow sign is for buying foot spa ticket.

Kimono Forest consists of colorful of textile dyed in the Kyo-yuzen style. There is illumination by LED light at nights.

Get off the Randen Arashiyama station, you will see the shopping street and restaurants.
If you turn left and go straight, you can go to Togetsukyo Bridge and Arashiyama Hankyu Station. If you turn right, you will go to Bamboo Grove. 

The Bamboo groves / Path of Bamboo can access from 2 ways; from Tenryuji Temple and from main street. The below photo is for who takes the bus and walk from train station.
The brown sign on the right side of photo is bus stop. When you see this sign, turn left and go straight.

Go straight and you will see Bamboo Groves.

I went back to Osaka by Hankyu line. Cross the Togetsukyo bridge and follow the map. It takes 10-15 minutes from Randen Arashiyama Station to Hankyu Arashiyama Station. On the way to Hankyu station, there is Music Box Museum. 
From Hankyu Arashiyama Station to Osaka

 - Take Hankyu Arashiyama Line for KATSURA to Katsura Station and change to Hankyu Kyoto Line Ltd. Exp. for UMEDA to Umeda Station (Osaka). Total 50 minutes, 400 yen. 
Fare is covered by Hankyu Tourist Pass and Kansai Thru Pass.

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