Chiba Shrine - Chiba, Japan

I decided to visit the temple or shrine because mostly the sightseeing spots are open around 10.00 a.m. so I did not want to waste time in the morning. Chiba Shrine is not far from Chiba Station, just 10-12 walks. This Shinto shrine is located in the downtown area and shopping center but the atmosphere around the shrine is peaceful. It's free admission. If you would like to visit the shrine in Tokyo, I would like to recommend here.


1. Urban Monorail: Sakaecho Station

Walk from monorail station is closer than from JR station (550 m. approxiately) from monorail station). After insert the ticket at exit gate, turn left. Go straight from Sakaecho Station until see junction (follow the monorail line). Turn left and cross the road. If you see Family Mart at the corner (photo no.2), it means come to the right direction. Again Go straight until you see the wall as photo no.3 and turn right. Finally arrive the entrance gate of shrine.  

2. JR: Chiba Station

Get off at East exit of JR Chiba Station. Go straight (pass Nomura Building on the left side) until see junction, turn left. Go straight until see Family Mart and please follow the instruction the above. 

The red and orange color of architecture look attractive. The Myoken Taisai Festival (big event) has been held at this shrine in August. Omikuji (photo on the right side) is 200 yen each. Omikuji is fortune telling paper, you may try it. I went there in the morning so there were few people visit the shrine. I think if I visit this shrine in autumn, the color of tree seems match with this shrine. There is pond in the shrine's area. 

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