One Day Trip: Mother Farm Part 2 - Chiba, Japan

Refer to part 1; how to go to Mother Farm, this article will continue part 2. 
The day I visited Mother Farm (マザー牧場: Mazaa Bokujou), the weather was very cold. There was snowfall (in March). Before one day, I asked staff at the hotel to contact Mother Farm for reserving the seat of free shuttle bus. That night, the staff called me and informed that tomorrow might not have the shuttle bus because there were the possibility of snowfall so I had to wait for the phone call again in the morning for the confirmation. Luckily, Mother Farm confirmed that shuttle bus would run normally. This is the reason why have to leave your telephone number. If you ask the staff at the hotel to contact for you, the staff will make a phone call to your room. Don't forget to check the weather forecast.

Admission Fee

Buy ticket at farm: Adult : 1,500 yen, Child 800 yen
Buy ticket in advance (at 7-11, Lawson, Family Mart): Adult: 1,350 yen, Child 700 yen

*Child is 4 years old to elementary school students. 
The above price does not include tour price and some activities.

Tour Set Ticket: Adult 2,400 yen, Child 1,300 yen

Opening Hours:

  Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00-17:00
  Weekdays 9:30-16:30

  Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:30-16:00
  Weekdays 10:00-16:00

If you take free shuttle bus, should arrive prior at least 10 minutes. When all passengers were on the bus, the chauffeur distributed the guide map in Japanese or English version.
I got English version. In the guide map provides the map in the Mother Farm and timetable for animal shows. Please click at the photo for larger version.   

The shuttle bus stopped in front of the entrance of Mother Farm. The ticket counter was near the entrance. I bought ticket 1,500 yen. There are tractor excursion (1st photo) and wan-wan bus (2nd photo) which has additional charge for sightseeing around the farm. Fare is around 500 yen and pay when you will take the bus. Wan-wan bus runs the shorter route.

That day, it kept snowing so mostly the outdoor shows were cancelled. The first show I saw was "The Sheepdog and His Friends" at Agrodome. It was indoor show. It was sheep shearing show. The speaker spoke only in Japanese. The staff asked the volunteer to feed the lamb. Two dogs also joined this show. 


There was restaurant near Agrodome, had steak and sausage menu but I would like to had lunch like hot soup such udon because it was really cold so I went to view tower. It would be better if you have lunch before noon otherwise there are many people. I chose the udon set which consist of udon and rice. This set cost 1,080 yen. Self service for free hot green tea and water. When finished the order, the staff will serve the food at your table but once you had finished your lunch, must return the bowl by yourself. From the restaurant, could see the view of ferris wheel and amusement park.

Seasonal flowers is another interesting thing in Mother Farm. Rape Flowers (the yellow flowers) blooms during mid February - mid April. The flower field was very big. Unfortunately, it was windy and snow, it was hard to take photo.

Go-Cart, Bungy jump activities and scenery. After snow stopped falling, the outdoor activities were continued.

A short activity; Duck's Parade. Although snow stopped falling, the weather was still cold.

Before departure time of shuttle bus, I went to souvenir shop. There were several products made from strawberry, blueberry, milk.  Then, I went to information center. There were Mother Farm stamps. If you don't take your mini book, it is ok. There were free color paper.
Shuttle bus was near the front of the entrance gate. Please come prior at least 15 minutes.
Departure time is 15:30 and arrival time at Kimitsu station is 16:10.

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