Nakano Broadway (Anime & Manga Shopping Place) - Tokyo, Japan

Mostly, the visitors who are interested Japanese anime and manga, will think of Akihabara which is the big shopping area for anime and electronic products. Nakano Broadway is shopping area for people who like or love in anime and manga (not the big area like Akihabara but it is now crowded area). Goods of old anime and manga are available here too.


Nakano Station, North exit. Walk 5 minutes.

Most stores are open 12:00-20:00

When get off the station, pass Nakano Sunmall which is shopping street.

Nakano Broadway does not sell only manga, anime, toys but also commodities goods, fashion like clothes. There are 5 floors, including Basement floor. The below photo is the first floor where mostly sell the clothes. Take escalator to the upper floor.  

The shops which sell anime items, toys and manga are on 2nd-3rd floor. 
Mandarake is the large vendor of anime and manga products. The shop size is big when compare with other shops. Moreover, there are book shops, figure shops, cosplay shops.

If you are interested in anime and manga related products, Nakano Broadway may be one of your choice because it is easy to access here and it is not the busy mall but if you like the fashionable goods or items of new anime and manga, I would recommend Akihabara instead.

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