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Coin Lockers (コインロッカー) are convenient for travellers. Some train do not have enough space for stowing your luggage or even some train stations do not have escalators or elevators. This may a big problem especially woman, right? Coin Lockers have various size. Price is varied but some station do not provide coin lockers for big luggage and coin lockers of some stations are full especially the big station. Luggage can be kept in lockers maximum 3 days and have additional charge for keeping overnight.


Small size:               35cm x 43cm x 57cm    300 yen/day
Medium Size:           35cm x 43cm x 57cm     400 yen/day
Large Size:             117cm x 43cm x 57cm   500-600 yen/day

*from JNTO website


1. Lockers with key

  1.1. Find an empty locker (locker which have a key) and put in your luggage.
  1.2. Close the door 
  1.3  Insert the coins and turn the key
   (Please make sure that you already put everything that you want to leave in the locker, if not, you have to unlock the locker and insert the coins again. It will not return the money to you.)   

2. Lockers (New version)  

    I used coin locker at Yokohama station, it was quite modern which had touch screen and    no key. 
   2.1  Find an empty locker and remember the number of locker
   2.2  Put in your luggage and close the door.
   2.3  Select the language on touch screen and select the left photo (put in the bag)
   2.4 Type the number of locker that you put in.
   2.5 Select to pay by cash or pay by IC Card (ICOCA, PASMO and etc.)
   2.6  Insert the coins or banknote (follow the green sign at the bottom).
   2.7 Get the receipt. On the receipt will provide the PIN code.
   2.8 When you want to take out your luggage, go to touch screen and select the right photo. 
   2.9 Type the number of your locker and pin code.
   2.10 Take out your luggage.

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