Travel between Narita Airport to Tokyo / Shinjuku - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has 2 airports which are Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. Haneda Airport mostly is domestic flight and Narita Airport is for international flights. There are many ways to access to central Tokyo from Narita Airport which are train, bus and taxi. In my opinion, train is the most convenient for me and of course, the fare is higher than taking the bus but still cheaper than taking the taxi.


1. NEX (Narita Express)

NEX is included in JR Pass. It is fast and can access to main station in central Tokyo such as Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, Shinjuku Station. If you use JR Pass, no need to pay any additional charge but must reserve the seat. If you don't have JR Pass, you can buy the ticket at the station. It often has the promotional price. You can stow the luggage at the back of each carriage. 

2. Rapid Service Line

The price is cheaper than NEX. No need to reserve the seat. It takes time more than taking NEX. If you don't have 

3. Keisei 

This train line can also connect to downtown area in Tokyo like Ueno Station, Shinagawa Station. There are special price for the tickets by including Tokyo subway pass. The ticket can buy at the airport. Free wi-fi is available at some stations for using in the train. Present your passport and can ask for ID and password at Keisei Ticket Counter.

Limousine Bus

1. T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal)

It is limousine bus between Narita Airport / Haneda Airport to central Tokyo. 
T-CAT is at Suitengu-mae Station. It is easy to connect to other main station.
Fare is 3,000 yen for adult. Ticket counter is on 3rd floor of Narita Airport.
Timetable is available on website. Sometime, there is discount on website.

2. Shinjuku Route 

You can check the route and timetable on website. The limousine bus also stop at some specific hotel such as Keio Plaza Hotel, Hyatt Regency Tokyo, Shinjuku Washington Hotel, Shinjuku Station West Exit and etc. It is convenient if the bus pass that hotel. Fare is 3,100 yen for adult.

3. Tokyo Station

Fare is the same as Shinjuku Route (3,100 yen for adult). The bus stops at some hotel and some exit of Tokyo station. 

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