Hakodate Morning Market (Hakodate Asaichi) - Hokkaido, Japan

The Hakodate Morning Market is famous place in Hakodate.
The market is opened around 5 a.m. until 12.00 p.m. 
If you come here in the afternoon, most of shops are already closed.
There are various products such as vegetables, fruits, seafood. The products are fresh.
Many restaurants sell seafood rice / noodle.


JR Hakodate station, West exit. Walk straight 2 minutes from the station.
Morning market is on the right side as below photo.

We could have some breakfast here. Seats were available but in my hotel package already included breakfast so I just bought some fruits. You can choose fresh fishes, crabs, squids and more, ask them to cook for you. If you would like to buy some ingredients of seafood back home, shops also sell in good packaging.

It was easy to find fresh fruits in this market.
I bought one pack of cherries. It's sweet and delicious.
If you visit here in August, don't miss to try some cherries.
One pack of cherries is about 450-500 yen. 

Many shops sell melons. I bought one slice of melon. The price was 200 yen.
Some shops sold 250 yen, 300 yen. When I decided to buy one, he cut melon into pieces and put them on foam tray. Seats are available beside the shop. 
Eating some fresh fruits in the morning, it was really good.

In the market area, there are restaurants. You can have some sashimi or fresh seafood. 
It was reasonable price. If you love seafood, hope you like this market.

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