Chiangmai Zoo - Chiang Mai, Thailand

It has been long time since I went to the zoo. Chiang Mai Zoo is big and divided into many zones. There are various kind of animals. The highlight of this zoo is Panda. You can buy ticket for taking bus. The bus stop is not far from the entrance and can get on and off at each bus stop. For me, I walk with my family but very tired. Sometimes, the way was like climbing up the hill. There were slopes so please so be careful. 

Opening Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Songtaew (Red car) / Private Car

Entrance Ticket

Adult (Thai) 100 Baht, Foreigner 150 Baht
Child (Thai) 20 Baht, Foreigner 70 Baht


Adult (Thai) 50 Baht, Foreigner 100 Baht
Child (Thai) 20 Baht, Foreigner 50 Baht


Adult (Thai) 200 Baht, Foreigner 290 Baht
Child (Thai) 110 Baht, Foreigner 200 Baht


Adult 30 Baht
Child 20 Baht

Map from Chiang Mai Zoo Website (Click for enlarge)

The first animal that I saw was Flamingo.
Next, ostrich and giraffe  were in the same area. Can feed the giraffe.

Panda House

There are male and female panda. Male panda names Chuang Chuang, 15 years old.
Female panda names Lin Hui, 14 years old. When I visited Panda House, Chuang Chuang was sleeping but Lin Hui was eating. 

On the way, I passed the passage to Aquarium but I did not visit there.  

I kept walking to see Koala and Penguin. The distance was quite far from Panda house and the passage was steep. Mostly, Koala always sleeps.

I spent time for half day here. I recommend to take bus and get off at each bus stop or can rent golf cart but the price is more expensive. Good for spending time with family.
Have a good trip!

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