(Review) Noboribetsu Grand Hotel - Hokkaido, Japan

Hotels in Noboribetsu Onsen have both Western and Japanese style room. Price of Japanese style room is a littble bit higher than western style room.
It was my first time to stay in Japanese style room. Breakfast was included in my hotel package. In fact, there are also both dinner and breakfast hotel package but I chose only breakfast because I would like to have some experiences to eat the traditional food and it may be hard to find the restaurants open so early in the morning.

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel is closed to Donan bus terminal (Noboribetsu Onsen Station). 
Just take a short walk from bus station; cross the bridge and walk 2 minutes. 
There are information center at this station. You can purchase bus ticket, theme park ticket and even get the information of sightseeing here.

Don't worry about the safety although I stayed in Japanese style room.
Door room was key lock system. When entered the room, the slippers were on the right hand (photo no.1). The left hand was some amenities: kettle, refrigerator (photo no.2).
Took a few steps, the toilet was on the left side. The toilet and bathtub were separate (photo no.3). Please see the next photo.

The below photo was toilet only, not include the bathtub and shower.

The washbasin and towels were in front of toilets (right hand photo).
The left side photo was bathtub and shampoo, conditioner and bath foam.

Inside the room: Room was large for 2 people.
There were LCD TV. Manual was on the table and some snacks was near the table.

Another small living room.
There were ashtray and big mirror at the back. Could relax and see the outside view at this corner. Snacks and tea are free. Yukata was available in various size. You may put on yukata and go to hot springs or walk around in the hotel. Please check the opening and closing time for public bath (hot springs). The manual was on the table.

When the staff delivered baggage to room, he/she would ask the time that would like to lay out futon at night. The staff could communicate only in Japanese so she tried to make me understand. I said 8 pm. At night 10 minutes before 8 pm., the staff about 2-3 people came into room and layout futon quickly.

This hotel looks quiet but I think other hotels are the same as this city is small. 
When I went to have breakfast in hotel. I found that there were many people and the breakfast room was really big. It was buffet. 
Check in: 15.00 
Check out: 10.00

Check the current room rate, click here.

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel also has souvenir shops and entertainment zone near Lobby.

This hotel is great. Price is high but everything is good. The atmosphere are peaceful and surrounded by nature. There are a lot of amenities. Hot springs are attractive.
Good experience for staying in Japanese style room. Room is clean and really feel relaxing while staying in the room.

If you still do not have a plan for one day trip in Noboribetsu, please click here.

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  1. Hi Pear, I enjoy reading your blog as I gather information for my Hokkaido trip. Thanks for sharing the details which is helpful to me.

    I am still deciding whether to take the JR train from CTS airport to Hakodate or should we drive? We are going end Nov this yr. What do you think? There's 7 of us (2 senior citizens + 3 kids age 11-16). Cos I read ur blog mentioning that there might be no seats. My worry is the luggages as might have limited space and if there's no escalators.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment.

      Taking JR is convenient and fast but in case of travelling with family, I think car rental from Airport to Hakodate is better (convenient and can save cost).
      JR Fare from airport to Hakodate is about 7,600 yen/person already (non-reserved seat). If you travel a lot with JR, it's worth to buy Hokkaido Rail Pass.
      FYI, travel in Hakodate mostly take the tram. There is no escalotors / elevator at Noboribetsu Station.
      You seem worry about the unavailable seat, right? Now you can make seat reservation for Hokkaido Shinkansen and major Limited Express trains in the JR Hokkaido area via“JR-EAST Train Reservation” service! Even the HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS holders may also book reserved seats in advance.
      Please click this link

      Alternatively, if you hold Hokkaido Rail Pass and would like to drive and take JR Train, there are some discounts on rental cars.
      Please check on website.

  2. Hi Pear, once again I must thank you as you are always generous to share the information..it helps me a lot as I get confused with so many information around as I plan for the trip.

    My plan is to get the Hokkaido Rail pass as I intend to do:
    2N Hakodate
    1N Noburibetsu
    1N Otaru
    3N Sapporo

    Did consider to drive as is convenient and cheaper but will it be tiring for the driver? and also where can I get information about the toll fee to work out my overall land cost vs Rail? Furthermore is parking easy to find? expensive?

    Sorry to ask so many questions.
    Many Thanks!

    1. You're welcome!
      For me, taking JR is convenient as I can take photo along the way, no need to worry about parking but some places driving is more convenient.

      Car rental in Hokkaido is also interesting (save cost) if you travel with your family or group of friends. I think it is not hard to find the parking especially sightseeing spots but don't forget to check with the hotel about parking fee.

      This below website includes the information about Hokkaido Expressway Pass and Expressway Toll Chart.
      Hokkaido Expressway Pass

      Have a nice trip!

  3. Hi Blue Moon,

    Does Hokkaido Rail Pass can be use for Limited Express Super Hokuto and Suzuran Train? How about on Donan Bus?


    1. Hi! Hokkaido Rail Pass covers Super Hokuto & Suzuran but not cover Donan Bus.