Mount Hakodate (Hakodateyama) / Hakodate Ropeway- Hokkaido, Japan

Mount Hakodate is one of popular sightseeing in Hakodate.
Can see the nice view from the mountain especially night view.
In fact, this place has good night view but I went there in the evening around 4.30 p.m. 
It was not crowded. I think in the evening, view was also beautiful.

How to get there

1. Hakodate Street Car no. 2, 5 - Jujigai station (DY20)
I took street car at Hakodate-Eki Mae station (DY17) where near JR Hakodate station.
Fare was 210 yen (one way). 

2. Bus
Can take bus from JR Hakodate station. Fare was 210 yen (one way) for adult.
Bus is available every 20 minutes.
After 6.30 p.m. fare was 240 yen (one way).

Here is timetable for street car and bus. Please click the photo for larger version.

From Jujigai station, walk about 520 m. to Mt. Hakodate Ropeway station.
Please click the photo for larger version.
Mount Hakodate Ropeway station is number 1 on map.

I took the Ropeway to reach the mount Hakodate.
The ticket fare was 1,200 yen (round trip). 
Discount coupon is available on website.
It took 3 minutes to reach Mount Hakodate.

There were restaurants, souvenir shops and toilets.
View from the top was really beautiful. The weather was also good.
On that day, there was school field trip of students so a little bit noisy there.

I spent 1 hour here. I took photo and took some rest here.
I enjoyed spending time here, felt relaxing after visiting many places.
I did not have much time so I did not wait to take night view photo.
If you have time, I recommend to take photo for night view too.
There will be many people at night as well.

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