Shopping at Shilin (Night) Market - Taipei, Taiwan

There are many interesting night markets in Taiwan. Shilin Market is one of famous night market in Taipei which is not far from downtown so you can see many tourists visit here. 
The transportation is very convenient, just take subway and walk only 2-3 minutes.
This market sells many things such as food, souvenirs, clothes, accessories and etc. 
The price is reasonable.


Jiantan Station (Red Line) exit 1, then cross the street.

Around the market, there were other activities such as playing game and got the prize.

Many restaurants were located around the market and food center was on basement floor.
There were limited seats for each shops so it was crowded. 

At food center, there were various kind of food. 
Mostly, menu were Chinese but some restaurants provided sample photo of dish.

Fruits looked so delicious. The price was not expensive.

Fruit juice was also good. Also don't miss the milk tea of Taiwan. 
Milk tea is one of famous drinking in Taiwan.

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